Yoshiki Toda

Landscape Architect of Hanking Peak Boulevard

Yoshiki Toda is an international well-known landscape designer, one of the three contemporary landscape-design masters in Japan and landscape director of Aichi Expo. 


May,2010, prize of Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japanese Park and Greenbelt Association

October, 2011, prize of president of Japanese Park and Greenbelt Association

November, 2012, first prize of the 7th Golden Plate

May, 2013, prize of illuminating popularization of JIES

Representative works

Greenpia Tunan, Garden Ryokan Yachiyo Central Park, New City True Light Temple, Municipal Square, Beijing.Longhutangning ONE, Suzhou Tangbei Villa etc.

Design concept 

The park's planning integrates with Xiaonanshan, creating the experience of living within nature. It sufficiently extracts the advantageous resource value of Xiaonanshan and creates the exquisite, tranquil and stretching rich garden space, with the theme of the landscape with vitality.

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