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Elite Academy

Learn from Masters, Lead You to a Life of Elite

Hanking Elite Academy was established in May 2013. A subsidiary to Hanking Group, it is an internal learning organization for all Hanking staff and partners.

Hanking Elite Academy is aimed at building a sharing and growing platform, strengthening the core capability of “creativity + quality”, and benefiting all staff by broadening their vision and enlarging their knowledge. Through this platform, all Hanking staff can share creative thoughts and recognize quality standards from work or life. The academy also regularly invites important figures of different industries and their insights, wisdom and life experiences for the purpose of broadening staff’s vision and therefore forming trans-boundary thinking of creativity.

Course Design
Hanking Elite Academy offers courses including human resources training, knowledge sharing from different industries, wisdom sharing of experts from all walks of life, and strategic cooperation sharing and training from different professional institutions.

In addition to the knowledge sharing centering around the core capability of “creativity + quality”, the academy also offers other knowledge supplementary to different dimensions to build a more diversified training system. 

Four Major Courses
Power of Elite: HRs training
Elite Academy: wisdom and knowledge sharing of experts from all walks of life
World View: sharing of creative thinking, designs and methods
Road Trips: external study tours 

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