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  • Hanking Headquarter Interior
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Hanking Group Profile

An Ingenious Concept, a Global Perspective

Hanking Group, when founded in 2007, made definite its core strategic planning with Shenzhen as its foothold and the Pearl River Delta within its sphere of influence. The Group has developed several featured projects of prime office buildings such as Hanking International and boutique apartments such as Hanking Hill and Hanking True Joy. It also has a hoard of land resources covering more than 9 million square meters in core districts of Shenzhen, including the Qianhai District. A three-pronged product system of residential, commercial and industrial projects has laid a solid foundation for Hanking’s sustainable development. 

Hanking Group, with the tempering of 10 years, changed from a novice in the industry to a renowned local real estate company. With the development concept of “creativity + quality”, Hanking integrates resources around the globe and forms its company featuring core competitiveness on the basis of an international view, an ingenious concept, differentiated products and high quality services. 

The grand launch of projects such as Hanking Center, the creative landmark of Shennan Avenue, and Hanking Peak Boulevard, the unique and modern residence in Qianhai, has not only presented architectural masterpieces to this international metropolis, but served as the best evidence of corporate citizens pushing for the development and transformation of Shenzhen

Hanking salutes this city!

Corporate Mission

Distinct Achievements

On our Company
We make a breakthrough in the development pattern in the industry and carry out a flexible and phased development strategy.

On the Employees
We apply the managerial mechanism of professional managers and maximize the value of our team and individuals.

On the Products
We develop differentiated products in the niche market and pursue original spiritual content.

On the Customers
We build architectures to fulfill the demands of customers and market differentiation.

On our City
We maximize the utilization of rare resources and probe into the spiritual content and traditional meaning of architecture and urban planning.

Core Values

Development, Coordination, and Achievement

Development in conformity with the progressive development pattern by accumulated strength, Hanking establishes itself stably in the market and the industry.

Coordination is the modes of growth and operation for Hanking to fulfill the mission statement. Hanking incorporates the core value into staff management, customer marketing, cooperative operation and response to competition. It will realize the long-term progressive development by displaying its strength from different aspects.

Achievement With the progressive development pattern, coordinated operation and management system, Hanking will accomplish different missions. It is a state jointly reached by  the company, employees, customers and the society. 


Creative Real Estate Pioneer

Hanking Group insists on non-traditional thinking and development pattern. Starting from the strategic point of "distinct achievements", Hanking offers advanced and innovative concepts of residences, and promotes a creative lifestyle. Playing a role as a propellant, Hanking, with its foresight, is committed to the development of both Shenzhen and China. 

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