Thom Mayne

Lead Architect of Hanking Financial Center 

Mr. Thom Mayne established Morphosis in 1972. As the director of the company, he provides the overall field of vision, and the direction for leading and operating the project for the whole firm. In 2005, Mr. Thom Mayne won the Pritzker Prize. He was also one of the members of the Committee on the Arts and Humanities designated by the U.S. president in 2009, and won the annual golden prize of Los Angeles Branch of American Institute of Architects in 2000. 

The representative projects made by Thom Mayne are as follows

1. Phare Tower in La Defense, Paris, France, is a masterpiece of architectural art, including office buildings, associated office space, staff dining hall, coffee shop and a comfortable panoramic restaurant;

2. New Federal Building in San Francisco, as one of the Top 10 Global Buildings in 2007, not only adds the perfect outline for the sky, but also well embodies the design concept of energy saving and environment protection. 85% of the working space has the natural light, and its windows are controlled by the computers, with natural ventilation. The temperature in the building can be maintained with one air-conditioner with the minimum power;

3. The headquarters of Giant Interactive Group Inc. is a general green building with which is located adjacent to a big-size artificial lake, spreading its plane in the first floor with the open architecture language. The ups and downs state creates one giant suspension arm over the lake, which is very creative.

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