Hanking Group’s 10th Anniversary Party was Warmly Held.


The year 2007 is when our dream came into being......
The year 2017 is our 10th anniversary......
A decade ago, Hanking started from scratch to fight for a better, brighter, and a more promising future. May 27, 2017 was a special day because all members of Hanking Group were gathered at the Hilton Hotel (Shekou) to celebrate and gave their best wishes and praised to Hanking Group for its 10th anniversary.

Stepping into the hotel, many floating white balloons symbolizing the dream were carrying wishes for a better future from all Hanking members.

As an opening show, tendifferent teams from Hanking Group were riding their bicycles and counting in a loud voice from 1 to 10 to welcome the 10th year of Hanking Group.


Hanking Group’s Chairman Mr. Chen Tieshen passionately performed his talk show and then, “To Hanking's Decades”Hanking Group’s 10th Anniversary Party began.


Thisday, all members ofHanking Group would investtheir creativity to practice, think, try and fight, and celebrate the 10th anniversary sincerely in a fancier way. Various departments from Hanking Group established ten new teams, and spared no effort in preparing various artistic and diversified performances to celebrate this special moment.


Hanking Group’s Chairman Mr. Chen Tieshen wrote an inscription (“弘我以汉京” in Chinese) for this ceremony.


Wish You Grow Up Slowly Recited by theShiguang Team


Salute to Jingdian by theHankingSanjun Team


Auspicious Wishes by the ShijingBumei Team


Endless Fighting by the Team of Fire

The Reader by the Dream of the Jingying Team

The Puzzle of Dream by the Extraordinary Jingshi Team


Originality &Primary Intention by the Jiangxin Team


Big City & Small Love by theChunhuaQiushi Team


Ode to Hanking by the Zhisheng Team


The Peak of Perfection by theJingcaiShifen Team


During these ten years, Hanking Group has grown up gradualy, harvested many good news and achieved a lot. Hanking will always rely on its workmanship to achieve prominence and excellence, and express its deep and unreserved love for the city. All these programs were proofs for Hanking’s development during this decade. Looking back to its past events, we could foresee a brilliant future, and every warm story would leavea deep trace in our memory.


Hanking Group’s Chairman Eric Wu  Proposeda Toast.

When the birthday song started playing, the birthday cake was slowly presented in front of everyone. Hanking Group’s Chairman Mr. Wu Yuangang, together with all directors and executives made a toast to Hanking. This birthday was for all members from Hanking Group, and best wishes were given to every one of them. 



After the dinner party, the judges selected out three outstanding teams, and all team members received a cash bonus. In addition,every team was awarded the encouragement prize.




The PK Competition held in this very evening was merely a grand opening for Hanking Group’s future development, and Hanking Group’s 10th Anniversary Celebration & Brand Strategy Press Conference would be held subsequently. Meanwhile, various exclusive 10th anniversary series of activities were under planning and preparation as well, including Photography Competition, “Special Recitation Contest for Hanking Group’s 10th Anniversary” which was jointly held with Elites’ College, Hiking along Shennan Avenue, and a non-profit auction,etc.. Let’s wait and see what will happen in the next ten years.


Flags of Ten Teams from Hanking Group