Hankign Green Association Rounded off “One Earth Hour”


In the last Saturday of March, Hanking Green Association held a charitable activity: One Earth Hour. The theme of this activity is to advertise environment protection and encourage more people to take action to reduce energy and protect the environment. Through actions and practices by ourselves, we can make the earth more beautiful. The theme of the 2015 One Earth Hour: Swift off, Blue on.

The activity officially started at the noon of March 27th. The 60+ model, a crystal of people’s wisdom, made its debut in the hall of Hanking International Building and attracted passers-by to stop and take pictures. The volunteers of the association took advantage of the time after knock-off to introduce the activity which advocated one-hour swift-off of lights for the earth and received enthusiastic responses.

Green Association mainly introduced that “the blue sky can reappear only if the right energy is used”. Meanwhile, the association advocated that “we should pay attention to renewable energies and get rid of haze” and publicized the environmental protection concept of renewable energies including solar power, wind power, geothermal energy and ocean energy. In the activity, it also showed the transformation from a restroom paper core into a brush pot, a vivid example demonstrating the meaning of a charitable activity.
This activity lasted for 5 days. There were 20 volunteers from the Green Association who offered their services. 219 people registered and took part in it, including people working in Hanking international Building and nearby office buildings, residents from around and property owners of Hanking Group’s projects. The association offered a CR code of Green WeChat group for the purpose of encouraging more people to become a part of charities by using modern tools of communication. In the first day, the 100 WeChat group member quartos were all used. People’s enthusiasm with the charitable activity will push us to move forward in the road of charity.