Hanking Group Rounded up the 2015 Spring Career Fair


Hanking Group has rounded up the career fair on the 21st floor on April 11th.

In 2015, along with the launching of the Group’s top luxury projects into the market and the coming of the critical point of the Hanking Financial Center project, the group entered into a new round of rapid development period with about 25 positions vacant. The HR & Admin Center actively coordinated with different resources to design advertisements for recruitment and posted on job-hunting website (the 51 job) the ad and introduction information of the project. With the support of colleagues specialized in brand marketing, our WeChat recruitment information also was drafted and pushed to followers through our public WeChat account. As soon as such WeChat recruitment information with creativeness and vividness reached the followers, it was forwarded by the Group’s staff. The career fair this time was held jointly by the Group and the professional recruitment website through WeChat. It has won extensive supports from the employees.

At 8:30 in the morning, the people in charge of recruitment were ready with full energy for applicants. Although the weather was overcast and rainy, it couldn’t stop the applicants from coming. Before 9:00 a.m., the first batch of applicants arrived and, just past 9:00, applicants for different positions reached the career fair from different regions of Shenzhen. Some of them spent two hours all the way from Longgang District and some others even came from Changsha City of Hunan Province. The career fair kicked off at 10:00 am when the introduction of brands in cooperation with the Group was initiated. Miss. Huang Qiong, the deputy director of the brand marketing center, shared the brand and culture of Hanking Group in a professional and affecting way. Her illustration of the topic won her unanimous good comments and applauds. Right after the introduction, applicants were arranged for interviews by order based on time of arrival. Since too many people applied for positions like sales specialist and brand specialist, the interviews didn’t come to an end until 4:30 p.m. The career fair drew the curtain at 5:00 p.m. with great success. 

This career fair has attracted 89 applicants for 14 positions and, on average, each position was applied by 6 persons. There were 10 interviewers, each of whom interviewed about 9 applicants on average. In particular, the interviewer for the brand specialist position interviewed 15 persons. After the first round, there were18 candidates of 10 positions who could be recommended to the second round and it’s estimated that 5 to 8 candidates would be recruited. Meanwhile, Hanking’s brand and culture had been greatly promoted by the introduction of brands in cooperation with the Group, the cooperation with 51 jobs, and the promotion through WeChat.