The First Intelligent and Joyful Residential Area of Shenzhen—Moving into New House of Owners of Hanking•True Joy


Hanking•True Joy, the most creative “intelligent and joyful residential area” in Shenzhen, changes life pattern with unique originality. It has crystal facade fine architecture workmanship and natural living room formed by pocket-typed water garden, which is expected to create a living circle without estrangement. Hanking•True Joy, an urban boutique apartment project constructed by Hanking Group, adopts high-end humanized configurations based on standards of office buildings and high-end residence projects, including double low-E insulating glass, central ventilation system in the entire house and epoxy floor, greatly improving living comfort of this project. Just because of distinctness of Hanking•True Love, it drew wide attention in society at the end of 2011. By adhering to spirit philosophy of “TRUE LIFE, TRUE JOY”, it inspired a large number of intelligent and joyful people thus it was sold out perfectly in just 2 month after the sales began. On November 15, 2012, the community held a grand owner's house moving ceremony on site and up to November 23 of 2012, 100% houses of Hanking•True Joy were possessed by owners.

At house moving ceremony site, owners felt extremely surprised and pleased when seeing new houses in Hanking •True Joy and they also spoke highly of bright fashionable community hall, capacious hanging garden, high quality house engineering and complete community equipment. Among those owners, some of them are loyal customers of Hanking Group and others are owners who have ever purchased buildings of Hanking International and Hanking Mountain. Through True Joy project, they became more confident about products of Hanking Group. The owners who handled procedures of moving into new house felt extremely cordial and pleased by warm reception and professional answers provided by working personnel on site. Among this activity of helping owners move into new house of Hanking Wanyaju, Hanking Group made this on-site activity become orderly and the entire house inspecting process become quick and convenient based on simple and effective procedure. Moreover, professional answers offered by Hanking's property and engineering personnel towards questions raised by owners enabled owners to have a new understanding of all quality data of their new houses.

With enterprise mission of achieving distinctness, Hanking Group strives to provide an innovative living philosophy for cities and each owner and promote a creative life art. By sticking to the enterprise pursuit of becoming forerunner of innovative real estate, Hanking Group makes thorough investigation on demands of customers in each project and constructs each project into architecture with life. No matter urban boutique residence, scarce luxury villa or commercial office building, Hanking Group puts creative philosophy and fine quality through every link of project development. In 2012, Hanking Group begins to develop 320 meters’ high-rise international creative landmark—Hanking Center project on headquarters building of Hanking Group and scarce luxury villa project in Nanshan district will be promoted on the market in the following 2 years, which will brings an urban spiritual landmark and international creative luxury villa for Shenzhen.