“Hanking”Cup 2012 Guangdong Juniors Golf Tour Grand Final Ended


On January 23, 2013, “Hanking” Cup 2012 Guangdong Juniors Golf Tour Grand Final which sponsored by Shenzhen Hanking Group was ended in the beautiful and picturesque Huizhou Taojing Golf Resort.

The organizer of the grand final was Guangdong Golf Association and the sponsor was Shenzhen Hanking Group. “Guangdong Juniors Golf Tour” is a series of games that Guangdong Golf Association to provide a platform for cultivating excellent golf juniors. There were total 11 game stations in 2012 tour. And over 1500 juniors aged between 6 and 17 participated in the tour. The participants of the grand final were more than 120 juniors from Hong Kong and Macao and 9 provinces including Beijing, Shanghai, Heilongjiong, Jilin, Liaoning, Guizhou, Henan, Hunan and Guangdong. The competition adopted separate games of boys and girls divided into five age groups. 

After two-round intense competitions, in group A, Cao Sen and Wu Sha respectively won Boys’ champion and Girls’ Chimpion; in group B, Ye Wocheng and Zhang Yunjie; and in group C, Wang Yanzhang and Du Mohan. The competitions in group D and E were also very wonderful. In group D, Xu Andi and Zheng Wanhua respectively won champion; in group E, Hu Haozun and Lin Shixian.

Awarding ceremony was held after grand final. Xu Deli, President of Guangdong Golf Association, Liu Xiaobo, Vice President of Guangdong Golf Association and Representative of Shenzhen Hanking Group presented cups and prizes for participants winning various honors. President Xu Deli specially presented honor metal for Hanking Group.

As an excellent real estate enterprise, with high social responsibility, Hanking Group always pays close attention to returning society and sharing growth society. The group has established Hanking public interest fund——Green Apple Fund. The group has invested a lot in charity, sports and many other activities. Among them, activities including “Care for Patients with Thalassemia · Let’s Act Together” and “Hanking Public Interest Season” have drawn social attention and received acclaims. “Guangdong Juniors Golf Tour Grand Final” was the second Juniors Golf Competition sponsored by Hanking Group since last year.