Collision Between Ancient and Modern Cultures


Lecture of traditional culture of Master’s Lecture Room by Elite College of Hanking Group held successfully

In the afternoon of August 17, 2013, the second course of Master Lecture Room, a series courses by Elite College of Hanking Group, was held, at which the lecturer shared essence of Chinese traditional culture with the whole Hanking people, and they studied and explored how to pursue the way of happy modern life with aid of traditional culture.

Four courses of Elite’s Master Lecture Room, Elite’s Vision, Practice of Elites and Elite’s Power are set by Elite College under Hanking Group, aiming at broadening horizon of all students of Hanking, enabling them to learn from wisdom and insight of the wise through constant learning, exchanges and sharing and building common value and cohesive force of the team for all Hanking people through constant activities, and improving their personal attainment and business level.

(The lecture site of Master Lecture Room)

(The lecture site of Master Lecture Room)
In August before this, Master Lecture Room was opened for the first time in Elite College of Hanking Group, at which Mr. Luo Lei, a famous master of art property in real estate circle of Shenzhen and creator of Red-tree West bank of Classic Art Property was invited to share his journey for pursuit of his career and dream, which unveiled the Master Lecture Room of Elite College grandly, the activity was successful and won universal sensation.

Through this lecture of traditional culture, Master Lecture Room of Elite College focused on inner heart of the students from outside world, comforted the whole staff with traditional culture, attempted to build a bridge of soul between tradition and modern times. Through collision and exchange between traditional and modern cultures, it reflects modern life with cultural accumulation, seeks for innovative power in inheriting and carrying forward traditional ways and accomplishes a different life with wisdom of ancient people.

Layman Changshun, a chief lecturer for this course was born in Meixian County of Guangdong. He learned oil paining, water ink painting, and grass script from Professor Li Hu for several years, and he studied the Book of Changes for over 20 years. He has studied the Book of Changes and Buddhism deeply and published many books, including Great Wisdom That Changes Life. In recent years, he held the lecture of the Book of Changes, Confucian, Taoism and Buddhism, Chinese traditional medicine, natural science and wisdom of life for many times, and spared no effort in carrying out education of Chinese traditional culture.(Layman Changshun, the lecturer started sharing the course)

(Layman Changshun,the lecturer inscribed for Elite college of Hanking Group)

Layman Changshun combined his experience from pursuing his study and cultivation, through daily life and a large amount of actual cases, shared essence of traditional culture from Confucian, Taoism and Buddhism, explored how to guide modern life through ancient traditions and gain tranquility and happiness of inner heart finally.

Ms. Cao Baozhu, executive vice president of Hanking Group and consultant committee of Elite College of Hanking Group, Mr. Wang Chuan, assistant to the chairman of the board of Hanking Group and supervisor of Marketing Management Center as well as principal of Elite College of Hanking Group, and Mr. Wang Qiang, supervisor of Human Resource Management Center of Hanking group attended and shared the course. Ms. Cao Baozhu made a brief speech subsequently. She thanked Layman Changshun for his splendid sharing and invited him to inscribe for Elite College of Hanking Group.

After the course, all the students were in high spirits, they exchanged and interacted with the teacher, and they asked many questions as to how to study traditional culture in life, improve themselves through details actively, and Layman Changshun answered them one by one patiently. Finally all the students had a group photo taken. This course of traditional culture was concluded successfully. 

(After the course, the lecturer and students exchanged and interacted, asked and answered questions)

(Ms. Cao Baozhu , executive vice president of Hanking Group and consultant committee of Elite College of Hanking Group made a speech)