Thom Mayne Led his Team to Construct the Creative Landmark


 — Morphosis Team made field investigation at Hanking enter and reported design progress On November 4, 2013, Mr. Thom Mayne visited Hanking Group and led his team to Hanking Center for field investigation. It was to check on the construction progress and report the design progress of Hanking Center.

Mr. Thom Mayne is a prestigious architect and designer in the world, which has won the Pritzker Architecture Prize. He is the chief designer of Morphosis Architects. Hanking Center is designed by him. As the other masterpiece of Thom Mayne, Hanking Center is built as the global creative landmark in Shennan Boulevard and has drawn great attention. After winning the bidding of Hanking Center, Mr. Thom Mayne is devoted to the designing and has built close relationship with Hanking Group for communication. The field investigation by Mr. Thom Mayne and his team would promote the understanding of construction progress and communication with Hanking Group for the design and construction environment.

 (Group photo of Mr. Thom Mayne and his team and colleagues of Hanking Group)

(Mr. Thom Mayne is viewing project construction in the field of Hanking Center)

Mr. Thom Mayne and his team arrived at Hanking Group at 2:00PM. President of Hanking Group, Mr. Wu Yuangang and colleagues of design management center and brand marketing center accompanied them to the construction site for field investigation. Mr. Thom Mayne carefully checked on the construction environment and management, especially the excavation of foundation pit, and communicated with workers of the time schedule of designing and construction. Colleagues of Hanking Group also asked questions and communicated with the team for follow-up plans. Mr. Thom Mayne praised the construction progress, management and all details and showed his confidence in the engineering node and quality of Hanking Center. After field investigation, Mr. Thom Mayne and his team returned headquarters of Hanking Group and shared the phased objectives of designing, which laid a good foundation for follow-up work. Mr. Thom Mayne expressed the remarkably consistent philosophy that it is to build the Hanking Center as a global creative landmark with time values by sincere collaboration.

(Colleagues of Hanking Group are introducing construction progress to Mr. Thom Mayne and his team)

(Mr. Thom Mayne is taking to President of Hanking Group, Wu Yuangang)

During the field investigation and conferences, Mr. Thom Mayne and his team shared the phrased designing objectives of Hanking Center, which would promote the project construction. Besides Mr. Thom Mayne and his team, Hanking Group would also cooperate with other international famous designing teams for Hanking Center and Hanking Villas. By integration of global top sources and variable creative architecture, it is to build the brand of Hanking Group to realize dreams with its top creative and excellent quality, which is saluting to the city.

(Group photo of Mr. Thom Mayne and his team in front of Hanking Center)

(Mr. Thom Mayne is reporting the design achievements of Hanking Center)