Smile and Happiness


Hanking Happiness N+ Energy 2013 Annual Ceremony

At the night on 18th January 2013, Happiness N+ Energy Annual Ceremony of Hanking Group, also the Annual meeting of Hanking Group successfully held in Huizhou Bailuhu Sheraton Hotel. All staff of Hanking and their families attended this meeting and enjoyed this memorable annual night in laughter and happiness.

Adhering to the tradition of Hanking Group, the annual meeting always be held in five-star hotels around Shenzhen and invited all staff of Hanking Group and their families to celebrate our annual meeting together. They would come back company or home after finishing our group activities in next day. 2013 is the seventh year of Hanking group’s establishment, we choose Huizhou Bailuhu in lakeside with wonderful scenery as the place to prepare our annual meeting. In order to gratitude every staff’s devotion and contribution and appreciate their families’ understating and support, we take Hanking happiness train as our mode and take happiness N+ as our theme of annual ceremony; and we prepare warm and sweet programs to celebrate our annual ceremony with all staff and their families.

(Mr. Wu Yuangang, the chairman of board, made the speech on behalf of the board of directors)

(The opening vigorous dance at annual ceremony)

The activities of our annual meeting start at 18:00 on 13th January. First is our evening party which started as energetic vigorous dance. After that, leaders of board of directors in Hanking Group in suites of train conductor and purser appeared on the stage and made a show which invited a climax of cheering up and applause. Mr. Wu Yuangang, the chairman of the board made a speech on behalf of the board of directors of Group to appreciate employees’ devotion and support. Then, our staff prepared lots of wonderful and brilliant programs such as dance, song performance, stage plays and short sketch. All of these attracted audience’s loud laughter and ware applause. Furthermore, the micro film “Lohas”, interview video of staff’s family, short film of youth show produced warm and moving atmosphere in annual ceremony. At the end of ceremony, we specially prepared the birthday party for our staff at the ceremony site to celebrate the birthday of 13 staff, whose birthday are within January, includes our chairman of board and shared the happiness with every member in Hanking Group.
(Members of the board of directors performed a cool and wonderful show)

(Graceful dancing performance at annual ceremony)

The journey of Hanking happiness train was end completely after two days at weekends, but the happy time in Hanking Group will last forever. All work in 2013 was completed at annual ceremony; we usher in 2014 positively and embrace a new year of our strategy blueprint. As the construction of these twin mile-stone projects of our group, Hanking Financial Center and Hanking Mid-levels Manor, we will embrace the great-leap-forward development of our products and brand. The happiness train of Hanking Group, with all staff, will head for more brilliant future!

(The beautiful posture of our dancer at annual ceremony)

(The host announced that the evening party of annual ceremony ended, and the ceremony got complete success)