Ole Scheeren

Judge for International Competition of Hanking Financial Center 

Ole Scheeren is an internationally well-known German architect, the chief designer of Buro Ole Scheeren

The projects that Mr. Scheeren is designing include Angkasa Raya in the center of Kuala Lumpur, one big-size general development project in Singapore, one artiest workshop/gallery in Beijing, one new headquarters of Chinese Auction Company with long history and archipelago cinema. Before establishing Buro Ole Scheeren, Mr. Scheeren, as the director and partner of OMA, was responsible for Asian business. He led and completed a series of extraordinary projects successfully, including Beijing CCTV and TV Cultural Center, MahaNakhon Building, Singapore big-size residential complete-Interlace, the Scotts Tower and Taipei Art Center. Mr. Scheeren also led the business between OMA and Prada, and completed the flagship stores of Prada in New York (2001) and Los Angeles (2004).

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