Adrian Smith

Participant of the International Competition for Hanking Financial Center

Adrian Smith has been dedicating into the architecture for over 40 years, whose representative works include Jinbao Building of Shanghai, China, Rawls Dock of Boston, Massachusetts, and most notably, the Burj Khalifa of Dubai.

The design method of Adrian is unique, emphasizing the sensitivity to the physical environment. He will review every project in an all-around way while considering the influence brought by the site, location, climate, geography, culture and society, in order to establish highly sustainable project achieving global environmental postmodernism. As one of the most famous experts in the realm of ultra high-rise buildings, he designed the first skyscraper with the clean zero energy together with Gordon Gill recently, i.e. Zhujiang Building located in Guangzhou, China. This building was designed to acquire the natural forces including wind power and solar power, in order to continue the consistent style of Adrian integrating the energy saving system, technology and design together. Before establishing Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture in 2006, Adrian was a design partner (1980-2003) and consulting design partner (2004-2006) of the Chicago Branch of the Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM). The main projects he completed in Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill: Dancing Dragons Building, Wuhan Greenbelt Center, Kingdom Tower, positive energy building in the zero-carbon and zero-waste city outside Abu Dhabi of Masdar Headquarters, Korean Industry Association, Khalīfa Tower, Chicago Trump International Hotel and Tower, TOWER PALACE III, Kaichen Square, GM Renaissance Center and United Gulf Bank.

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