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Henggang Liuyue Project


Plot Area: 34,000 m2

Construction Area: 1,120,000 m2

Type: Urban Renewal

Location: Longgang District, Shenzhen

Status: Reserve

Sales Center

Guanshan Avenue, Qianhai, Shenzhen +86 755 865 66666

This project is located in the core area of Henggang, along the Long-Gang Avenue, which is only 400 meters from Liuyue Metro Station. The land includes Niushipu Village, Madi Village and Dahe Village, the combination of which represents the residential area of localities with a full-fledged urban community and great business potentials. Hanking Group, starting from the concept of eco-city, will build a modern and environmental friendly community, playing a propellant role in urban renewal and increasing the value of real estate in the whole area. 

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