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Hanking Peak Boulevard


Plot Area:28,000 m2

Construction Area:100,000 m2



Location:No. 1, Guanshan Road, Xiaonanshan Mountain, Qianhai FTZ, Shenzhen

Time of Completion2015

Sales Center

Guanshan Avenue, Qianhai, Shenzhen +86 755 865 66666

Located in the middle of Xiaonanshan Mountain in the Qianhai Center, Peak Boulevard is embraced by rare natural mountain scenes with an area of 300,000 m2 of natural greenery in the east, west and south. Pooling the expertise from the globe, Hanking Group has created the one-of-a-kind luxury hillside residence in Qianhai. This luxury property is composed of 4 high-rise buildings and 22 units of villas. It features spacious layouts, large balconies, good ventilation, and a panoramic view of the city and nature.

With a scattered-orderly layout and diversified views, the villas resemble crystals fusing into the nature. With the altitude advantage and a commanding position, they demonstrate the characteristics of a new city landmark in the international arena, standing out in the middle of a mountain yet subduing its brilliance in the city. In the future, Hanking Peak Boulevard will become the benchmark of luxury properties in the Qianhai Area.

A special district in Shenzhen Special Region driven by the state’s will with a capital of RMB 400 billion

Shekou Free Trade Zone

A cooperation district of modern service industry between SZ-HK and the strategic pivot of “One Bund One Road”, 

A combination of three major national strategies, the one-of-a-kind district in China, 

The revolutionary district with the highest degree of opening-up and attraction, known as the Special District within the Shenzhen Special Region, 

A property that draws international attention and a strategic area with high evaluation

A commanding position means a high evaluation.

World-class infrastructure and amenities are installed here under the advancement of global capitals.

10-minute travel among Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao;

An airport cluster of 90 square kilometers and the coverage of 112 hectares of world-class harbor, road systems, enterprises, and intercity railways

An expected continued upward trend of the value curve under the advancement of the state 

The Shenzhen Shekou FTZ is the strategic pivot of the current time.

A massive capital inflow and the sustainable development are there for all to see.

Since the potential energy is robust, the value curve shall continue to move upward.

A History Dates back Thousands of Years

Xiaonanshan Mountain, for hundreds of years, has witnessed a couple of unforeseen national events: 

Buddha Bodhidharma’s visit from South India, Zhenghe’s expedition to the Southeast Asia, the replacement of the Song Dynasty by the Yuan Dynasty, and the reform and opening up. All the transitions or the events caused hereby happened in Xiaonanshan Mountain. 

A gate of the state in the past has turned into a free trade area now. A historic land of treasure boasts the legacy never can be copied. 

A location in the stronghold correlated with the national fate of 30 years

As the cradle of reform and opening up, Xiaonanshan Mountain has witnessed the rejuvenation of China for 30 years. 

The location in the stronghold correlated with the fate of China has attracted the attention from all over the world. 

It witnesses the development of Shenzhen and foresees the promising future. 

A second chance by history makes Xiaonanshan Mountain a part of the FTZ.

In 2015, the cradle of reform and opening up was designated as a new FTZ.

A new chance brought a second mission in history; it became the focus again and attracted resources from all over the globe. 

Claims in this era will definitely receive reverberations in the future. 

A sight of mountains and rivers in the FTZ and a variety of inclinations in life brought by the accumulation of capitals

The FTZ is a cornucopia of capitals while the location in the middle of a mountain shreds luster on it, hence Hanking Peak Boulevard. 

Hanking Peak Boulevard is against the mountains and facing the sea. Commanding the city from the mountains, it presents a multi-layer and dimensional view. 

It hoards natural resources of 8 million m2 including two mountains and six parks.

There are cultural and historic spots such as Chiwan Battery and Tianhou Temple.

Such living environment second to none is bound to nurture life inclinations under the auspices of capital accumulation. 

An integral luxury hillside residence created jointly by global masters

The world –class hillside residence was jointly designed and created by ATKINS,, one of the top five consulting and design firms in the world, LMK Altitude, Yoshiki Toda, a master of garden design in Japan, HID, a top interior design firm in Germany which has won many prizes of design including Reddot, IF and IIA, and Li Weimin, a famous interior designer in Taiwan. All the masters add a spiritual concept of the international luxury villas and carry forward the appreciation of works of art to the world standard.

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