Hanking“Salute City” Photography Exhibition to Lead You to Experience the Charm of Shenzhen


On November 4, 2017, Hanking Group in association with Shenzhen Zeus Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. invited various up-and-coming post-90s generation photographers to attend the opening ceremony of the “Salute City” Photography Exhibition and achieved a full success. About 200 pieces of photography works were selected to exhibit at O‘PLAZA OCT Harbour Shopping Center, which were telling the history and stories about the city by recording workers and people living in the city, presenting refreshing sentimental feelings and surprises.

 Display of Photography Work 

The day of the opening ceremony, the founder of Zeus Cultural Communication, Zuo Li delivered a brilliant speech, which addressed the best photography works made in 17 years by the Zeus Team saluted the city Shenzhen and its 40-year remarkable history after the reform and opening-up policy and arouse people’s memory for this city’s history and changes.


Zuo Li, the founder of Zeus Cultural Communication, Delivered a Speech.


The up-and-coming photographer Jimmy and Shenlan Photography

The vice president of Hanking Group, as Hanking Group sponsored this photography exhibition, Madam Cao Baozhureaffirmed the attitude on which Hanking has always insisted, and saluted to the city with her artistic words and sincere mind.

Hanking Group’s Vice President Madam Cao Baozhu Delivered a Speech.

Stepping into the exhibition hall, you would see a picture wall in the front, and these pictures were showing people’s dream about the city, and their smiling faces represented their positive and optimistic attitude towards life.

Hanking Group has established a long-term cooperation with the Zeus Team. For example, they are now taking a photography about the history of the Hanking Center, and their devotion and efforts are comparable to that of Thom Mayne, the Master Architect. All exhibitedphotography works are brilliant and amazing, and from a sharp and unique perspective, they have poetically depicted this beautiful city. Every building is imprinted with this city’s texture, and every picture is the proof of the times.

Beautiful Scenes in the Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Creativity Inspires the Future and Dream is Fulfilled by Virtue of Quality. Hanking Group’s 10th Anniversary Celebration will salute to the city through a trans-boundary cooperation in the form of photography exhibition and artistic performance.