“Future of Office” Solutions in Hanking Center


Hanking Center is located at No. 9968, ShennanAvenue. As a creative landmark in Shenzhen, it rises on Shennan Avenue, and its appearance has attracted wide attention from world’s Top 500 Enterprises, international financial institutions, listed companies, and innovation-oriented and growth-type enterprises,provoking heated debates. On December 13, 2017, Hanking Center’s Leasing Center was formally put into operation. The “Future of Office” Innovation & Experience Salon will present various enterprises settled with an epoch-making business feast.

Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Harbor strong magnetic force, and the Shenzhen Silicon Valley Unusually Yields Brilliant Results.


According to Securities Times, the total market value of the listed domestic companies and foreign-funded companies in Shenzhen (382 listed companies and RMB 10.04 trillion Yuan) for the first time exceeded that of Shanghai (379 listed companies and RMB 7.5 trillion Yuan) at the end of November, and only ranked second to Beijing (518 listed companies and RMB 23.59 trillion Yuan). The active market, prosperous economy and rising creativity have successfully attracted a large number of large enterprises to expand their layout in Shenzhen.




As the future hub for the development of the Greater Bay Area (Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao), Shenzhen has obvious advantages in such field as science and technology and finance. It is predicted that Shenzhen would become the super “Silicon Valley” in the future. Right in the center of the future Silicon Valley, a high-rising building is required to speak for the city and to change the world. Hanking Center will help various enterprises realize their dreams and achieve rapid development, and contribute with new ideas to the market. In the future, by establishing the intelligent vertical ecosystem and sharing the business community, a unique office experience will be created for the clients, and by virtue of our revolutionary services and creativity, Hanking is able to maintain and increase the value of assets, and assist various enterprises to achieve a full success.

Hanking Center’s Strategic Layout Will Promote the New Mode of “Future of Office”.

At the day of activity, Hanking Group’s Chairman Mr. Chen Tieshen, Vice President of Marketing Mr. Wu Tianlang, various international and domestic real estate agencies and all sectors of media were all invited to attend this activity.


Hanking Group’s Chairman Mr. Chen Tieshen and JLL China (Shenzhen Branch) Director & General Manager Mr. Xia Chunyisigned a strategic agreement about the“Future of Office”together. Stemming from the creative real estate, they discussed the new-generation enterprises’ demand in office and the future trend, and aimed at realizing the dream of “Future of Office” in Hanking Center.

On that night, the unveiling ceremony of “Tallest Building in Asia with an All-Steel Structure” was also held in Hanking Center.

This is another big and heavy award conferred to Hanking Center following the international “Golden Nugget Award”. Such award is both a kind of acknowledgement and encouragement, and this building is commented as “Tallest Building in Asia with an All-Steel Structure” by CTBUH.

Hanking Center only marks a new beginning, and Hanking Group in the future will still adhere to the concept of “Advocating a new life; Serving a new economy and a new financial form” to promote the development of various growth-type companies, accelerate their business expansion on the Chinese market and create a brand-new lifestyle for a better city.

■Hanking Center will usher in various enterprises to create a better future.

It is Thom Mayne’s creative idea that has encouraged Hanking Center to pioneer the new architectural concept from various aspects, including the detached core design, sky bridge linked with the main structure, and a 270° office-space lighting. The greatness of Hanking Center does not merely lie on its height, but its creative architectural concept.



It is not merely a building, but a brand-new commercial community integrating work and life. By establishing the vertical commercial ecosystem, we can link different people together in a free and flexible way, providing them a high-efficient, comfortable and convenient office space.

This kind of office style in the future is not merely about sharing the space, but sharing ideas. People’s creativity will be stimulated and motivated in such an equal and free environment, and different ideas will collide to achieve brilliant results. 

The future office in Hanking Center is not merely a co-working space, nor merely an intelligent building. By means of wise design, techniques, flexible space, and a revolutionary service system, a unique office experience can thus be created for the clients, and the potential value of assets can also be activated. Based on such a shared platform, the workplace will be defined again; the service system will be restructured; the business mode’s operation will change; and the efficient and continuous operation solution featuring “Space+Community+Service+Industrial Investment” will be applied to create a promising future together with various enterprises.