Creativity Inspires the Future


“Creativity Inspires the Future”Hanking Group’s 10th Anniversary Celebration & Brand Strategy Press Conference was grandly held on October 27, 2017 at OCT Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, and achieved a full success.

In ten years, Hanking has created a new future and fulfilled its dream relying on quality. In this elegant fashionable and artistic atmosphere, Hanking has shared its happiness and success with all sectors of partners and friends.   

Neon lights have vividly manifested the skyline of this urban landmark and represented the height of life and the spiritual symbol of the city, white baby’s-breath flowers are gracefully floating at the ceiling, having attracted wide attention from the guests and received positive comments. 
■Love A City with Your Heart and Soul

Hanking, after a decade, has always loved the city Shenzhen with heart and soul. Hanking Group’s CEO Mr. Chen Tieshen introduced the 10-year history of Hanking with his own unique opening remarks. 


In a decade, Hanking, based on its born creative genes, has demonstrated its profound thinking in every single piece of work--From the construction of a city to the fulfillment of a city’s responsibilities, we will always insist on the core idea of “Quality+Creativity”, and create a better future for this age. Adhering to this idea, Hanking, coexisting with the city, will make agreat effort to depict the group’s future vision and development trend.

■Wisely make use of resources to build a brand-new life.

During a decade, thanks to its devotion to the real estate career, Hanking has focused on Shenzhen, a first-tier city in China. At present, the total area developed by Hanking has exceeded 2 million square meters, and the area pending for exploitation exceeds 9 million square meters. Meanwhile, it has also reserved various strategic projects covering an area of over 1 million square meters in the Qianhai Free Trade Zone, the Nanshan District, the Baoan District, and the Longgang Districtrespectively. Especially in 2017, Hanking has upgraded and expanded its urban layout, and even formed the trend of a “Multi-point Layout” in the Nanshan District, the Baoan District, the Longgang District, and the Pingshan District, marking the city’s overall speed-up stage. In these ten years, for its brand, Hanking has taken a new look and explored every change in this age, and in association with the development of the Greater Bay Area (Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao), Hanking will proceed from theQianhai Center, fully speed up towards the city’s renewal and upgrade, and in the next decade, depict a new blueprint for its development.

■By coupling hardness with softness, Hanking will sound the bugle.

Alex Cheng, a famous design master from Taiwan, appeared on this stage with his unique scholar’s style, and his poetic speech - warm calls which lingered around the ears was natural and fresh, whichbrought back your memory about home.

By virtue of its grace, beauty and enviable taste,Hanking Peak Boulevard, a poetic place for dwelling, can best speak for Alex Cheng’s design philosophy and the humanism atmosphere of the traditional culture. With the help of the design master, Peak Boulevard will reach a new level for the customized ideal life in the villa.

If Peak Boulevard marks the opening of Hanking’s softness in a decade, Hanking Center is the heritage of hardness.

When Hanking’s hardness encounters Thom Mayne (a very confident man), Hanking Center appears to fulfill the dream of this group. Mr. Chen Hanxv, the Greater China representative of Morphosis Architectural Design Office, delivered a very brilliant speech about Hanking Center.

■Proceed from Qianhaito Turn a New Page.

People say that, in the next 30 years, the future of Qianhai will be the tipping point for Shenzhen and deserves our vision. Qianhai, known as “Manhattan in China”, is referred to as “Future Shenzhen”, which is also the dream of numberless Shenzhen People. For Hanking devoted to the development of Shenzhen for a decade, Qianhai is indeed a golden opportunity for its brand to realize an explosive development.

Speaking of the 10-year history, the Chairman Mr. Wu Yuangang passionately expressed his expectation for the city of Shenzhen and his visions of Hanking'sfuture. Considering the city’s achievements for the last decade, and the expectations for a promising future, he sincerely paid his respect to the city.


As lights darkened and the amazing background music sounded, the launching ceremony for the Qianhai Center was formally held with 16 UAVs flying through the sky above Qianhaiand showing a magnificent scene. The Hanking Group’s Chairman Mr. Wu Yuangang and the board of directors, the CEO Mr. Chen Tieshen, and the KPF Design Director Mr. Hugh Trumbull outlined the masterpiece which integrated the creativity and high quality on the screen, andturned a new page for Hanking’s next ten years together.

[HankingQianhai Center] This project will cover a total area of about 800,000 square meters, and is planned as a diversified urban complex which integrates the high-quality residence, the class-A office building, the boutique apartment and the unique commerce. Qianhai will expand its industries based on its intelligence, ecosystem, and commerce, andwill alsocreate ainnovative and intelligence-oriented urban area. At present, the Qianhai Center Phase I Project Hanking Times Building has begun as scheduled. In association with the KPF Architectural Firm(a first-class architectural design team from U.S.A.), in the next ten years Hanking will establish a new engine for the city’s development.

■Hanking’s Dream Expressed in Artistic Performance

The Queen of Music and the Pioneer of Creative Real Estate met each other, knew each other, and understood each other unified their dreams;
The warmest mind and music can best represent Hanking’s sincere thanks for the guests;
The loud and clear voice depicts the best wish for the city;
The song sung by Tan Weiwei completely aroused the enthusiasm and passion of all guests, and promoted the press conference to its climax.

Hanking’sfirst ten years are already passed, but these years also serve as the prelude for the new future. In upcoming years, Hanking will still focus on the pursuit of difference, artistic style and prominence, and create a promising future for the city Shenzhen.