Grand View on Display Extraordinary Image to Show——Hanking Peak Boulevard creates a sales legend of luxury residence in Qianhai Free Trade Zone


Grand View on Display   Focus of Great Attention

On September 13, Qianhai Free Trade Zone hillside luxury mansion【Hanking Peak Boulevard】had grand opening, and set a sales record of over  RMB 1.5 billion in 2 hours. It perfectly realized the summit value of luxury residence with the rare mountain view in Qianhai Free Trade Zone. 

Before 8:am on the opening day, many clients already arrived at the sales venue, the red backdrop of “Grand view on display” set off the ambitious faces of the clients, whose enthusiasm that cannot be contained let the already hot atmosphere on site even hotter. After the unit selection process officially started, the waiting area, unit selection area, contract signing area as well as the financial area were all crowded, people were either discussing with their heads down, looking around, or making quick calculations on their cell phones, rendering a spectacular occasion in the elegant and glorious hall. 

Before noon, the sales control table had already shown excellent results. Over 90% of the initial offering were sold within 2 hours – with total sales over 1.5 billion creating a new sales record, ranking at the top as the most expensive residence in the Qianhai Free Trade Zone.

The success in the first campaign, the purchase frenzy in the very short time of the first day is closely associated with the rarity of Hanking Peak Boulevard products.

Sea of Capital  Mountain of Life

Hanking Peak Boulevard】is located in Qianhai Free Trade Zone, occupying on the hillside of Xiaonanshan Mountain at an altitude of 50 meters, and is the only mountain-living luxury mansion in the area. As a low density, and exclusive residence in the free trade zone, it has a plot ratio of only 2.2, unit/parking ratio exceeds 1:2, the products include medium high-rise and villas, there are only four 16-story high-rises, with a total of 290 units. 

This project benefits from the good news of the free trade zone, and the support of three national strategies, and is the reform area with the highest degree of opening up, as well as the biggest attraction in China, which can be regarded as the “special zone within the special zone”. In 2015, Qianhai-Shekou Free Trade Zone was officially launched, followed by construction of all major segments such as: subway, civic road, water system, parks, bridges, underground space etc. have been in full swing. Currently, the construction of Qianhai Comprehensive Transportation Hub, which is considered as the largest comprehensive transportation hub in Asia, has already kicked off. The colossal Qianhai Port Freight center Shopping mall will officially open to business in December. The Business Promotion Bureau’s free trade mall will open to business before October 1, and the city with the image of “Chinese Manhattan” has gradually been presented in front of us. 

On the hillside, 【Hanking Peak Boulevard】is endowed with 8 million ㎡of primitive natural resources, facing Qianhai cityscape, creating a livable environment that’s surrounded by the mountain and overlooks the sea. Historical and cultural sites such as Xiaonanshan mountain Chiwan canon station, ancient Tianhou temple etc are all included, the rich history and culture, the natural resources of mountain and sea creates the unique top residence of this project.  

Mountain residences are not rare in Shenzhen, however, the mountain residence of 【Hanking Peak Boulevard】is the the one and only in Qianhai Free Trade Zone, people in pursuit of wealth are convinced that rarity creates value, and he who owns the free trade zone owns the future. This advantage cannot be matched by any other luxury residence in Shenzhen, or even in the entire world. 

Global Joint Hands   Luxury Residence Benchmark

In May 2015, before【Hanking Peak Boulevard】 even went on sale, it already won three International Property Awards, which were also called the“Oscar Awards in Real Estate”: “Best High Rise Residence Development”, “Best Multiple Residence Design” & “Best Landscape Design”! And it is the only award winner among Shenzhen residences.

To match the international popular land of free trade zone, 【Hanking Peak Boulevard】 invested 100 million RMB to pave a 400 meter private boulevard, with boutique decoration of the existing building in the free trade zone with international brands, and surprised everyone with a 8.2 meter high lobby in Shenzhen. Atkins, one of the top 5 construction design firms, joined hands with LMK Altitude from Hong Kong, created the façade that would be classic and timeless, writing the epics of the ultramodern buildings; Yoshiki Toda, one of the top 3 landscape architects in Japan, created the theme park “vitality”; HID from Germany, teamed up with Li Weiming, a famous designer from Taiwan, to customize exquisite interior room; International top luxury brands such as Miele, Dornbracht, Villeroy & Boch ensure the quality of the mountain residence; Jones Lang LaSalle property management team, one of the top 5 in the world, ensures the top level hillside living. 

No matter resources, value of location, or building design, landscape planning, interior design as well as property management, it is created in accordance with pure luxury residences. It’s just attributed to the integration of all advantages that we see the house buyers rushed to purchase. The 180㎡ fine decorated houses which were put on sales for the first time won unanimous acclaims and wide esteem from the industry, but due to limited supplies, the top luxury can only be owned by a few people. 

Project address: 1 Guanshan road, Xiaonanshan mountain, Free Trade Zone,Qianhai,China

Project telephone: 0755-865 66666