Lecture: Transcend Your Limitations and Pass down Your Memories — One Man\'s Long March


In the afternoon of November 19th, 2014, it was fully seated and crowded in the Multimedia Conference Room in the 21st floor of Hanking Group. The theme lecture of One Man's Long March was hosted by the Hanking Elite Academy, and the guest speaker Zuo Li was invited to share his experience of the Long March of twenty-five thousand Li on foot by himself with all the students from the Hanking Elite Academy and the media and all the friends involved in this program.

Zuo Li, born in Ningxia, is a Chinese well-known photographer and documentary director, serving as the chief photographer of Shenzhen Pictorial and the director of the photography department of Shenzhen Weekly. In 1999, he won the grand award of Macau Cover Photography. In 2000, he went deeply into the Hoh Xil for shooting the incident of poaching Tibetan antelope, and was awarded as the golden price of Chinese news photography. Since 2005, he has been serving as the general director of big-size documentaries, directing big-size literature documentaries including the Journey of Discovering the Happiness, the Immigrants and the Sea, Shenzhen Landmark and Eurasian International Metropolis etc. He has been serving as the art director of Zuoshi Cultural Communication Co., Ltd since 2012.

On October 10th, 2013, setting off from Ruijin, Jiangxi, Zuo Li started one man's long march on foot and arrived Wuqi town, Shanbei smoothly on October 19th, 2014, the span of which was 1 year and 9 days and the distance 12,100 kilometers. He collected 12 pieces of stamp albums and took over 10,000 pieces of pictures in the journey.

Hanking Elite Academy has been planning the sharing themed “One Man's Long March” for long. The program theme has been set since Zuo Li set off for his journey of long march. After his return from the long march, Zuo Li made in-depth share with Hanking Group. Starting from 4:30 p.m., with From Ruijin to Shanbei: One Man's Long March as the theme, though three stories in the beginning, Zuo Li shared the reason he experienced in this long march: the road he walked through, the people he met, the historical memories he saw and heard along his way, his inner feelings to history and the profound interpretation of the Long March all the way. Meanwhile, Zuo Li transcended his limitations, felt the bottom of his heart and regained his soul while overcoming difficulties, dangers and obstacles all the way along with the historical memories of the time.

During the 3-hour sharing, Zuo Li had been enthusiastic and passionate, and made all the audiences lost in the stories of the Long March. They burst out laughing when it was interesting and burst into tears while it was moving, with actual details and strong sentiments. The truth shared by Zuo Li touched everyone and the students from Hanking Elite Academy exchanged with Zuo Li in terms of many issues; moreover, the honest and interesting answers by Zuo Li pushed the sharing to another climax. Finally, Hanking Elite Academy invited Zuo Li to write the inscription for record and the program rounded up perfectly. Students from Hanking Group found it resonant and exchanged their feelings and opinions with him.

This is the eighth program hosted by Hanking Elite Academy in 2014. Since the establishment, by the continuous operation of four programs, Power of Elite, Masters, World View, and On the Road, Hanking Elite Academy invited masters, sages and innovative talents in different fields for sharing with different themes, created one platform for study and sharing by exchanges in diverse perspectives and with independent thoughts, guided the group students to form common values and code of conduct, promoted the group management and project construction and achieved the unique development as the pioneer of creative real estate.