Lecture: Stride on the Top of Fashion with an Indomitable Spirit


On July 1st, 2015, the lecture themed “Stride on the Top of Fashion with an Indomitable Spirit” was held and Hanking Elite Academy invited Mr. Tony, a master of fashion, to share his experiences and feelings in his road to deliver positive energy.    

Mr. Tony is the helmsman of Century Sakura and the frontrunner of new fashion transmission in mainland China. Tony is an expert of color, an instructor of matching trendy clothes, a senior planner and a senior interior designer, all fused into one. He is a famous entrepreneur in the circle of fashion.

As an all-round consultant of fashion and entertainment, Mr. Tony set up his own workshop in August, 2014. He started his own fashion brand Tony&tony’s, meaning Tony and everything about Tony are not isolated from fashion. He strode into the dimensional fashion and specialized in fashion clothes, luxuries, restaurants, gardening and high-end customization. Tony has been a special judge of fashion on many international occasions and was awarded as the “Frontrunner of China’s Fashion” and the “Fashionable Man of the Year”. As an audience in the front seat in international men’s wear week or a guest to different fashion parties and red carpet shows, Tony is always on the same stage with stars and friends from the circles of fashion or entertainment and on the covers of famous fashion magazines such as Esquire and Bazaar. He is the first Chinese on the cover of Fashion Weekly. He was also invited to be a judge of Gannes International Film Festival in May, 2015, making him the first figure from the fashion circle ever chosen to be a part of the judge panel. 

In this lecture, Tony used humorous words to illustrate the importance of fashion on people’s life from the angles of life, work and society, etc. He mentioned that the key in life was not to give up ourselves but we should be confident in ourselves. Only when we know what’s wonderful in life can we reap success in different aspects. In talking about the relationship between fashion and work, Tony shared his experiences and feelings of setting up his own business. He gave a lot of suggestions and inspired people on the spot: wherever you are in your life, you should stick to yourself. Feel it with your heart and you will find the wonder in life!

In the Q&A section, students asked quite a few questions such as how to arm themselves up and be more confident in work. Tony answered all the questions one by one and won applauds from the audiences. 

As the vice president of administration in Hanking Group, Miss Cao Baozhu agreed very much with the core contents of this lecture. She also was in favor of Tony’s opinion about how fashion played its role in life and work. Females, in particular, should be confident and face life with the best attitude. On behalf of the Group, she invited Tony to deliver more fashion salons or other courses so that staff from the Group can broaden their horizons and improve their career planning.

On behalf of the company and all the students, Mr. Wang Chuan, the dean of Hanking Elite Academy and the assistant to the president of the Group, extended his thanks to Mr. Tony for taking time to deliver such meaningful lecture. He himself also clicked with the belief of “stick to yourself and never give up”. Mr. Wang Chuan has never given up his dream, his career, love, family and friendship. After listening to Tony’s lecture, he found that he had given up his health and body shape due to busy schedule. As a professional manager, he believed that, besides what we were sticking to, we should remind ourselves of keeping healthy anytime. 

The success of this lecture and course has enabled all students to think differently about their lives and career plans. It also carries forward the principle of “enabling different achievements”. In the future, our Academy will continue to invite experts or scholars from different fields to exchange information and thoughts with all staff, inspire them to think in different directions and make unremitting efforts to build Hanking Group into an international and fashionable creative real estate group that takes the lead in trend.