Hanking Group Made Its Way to the World Stage with Four International Property Prizes


On May 8th, 2015, in the awarding ceremony of the 2015 International Property Award, Hanking Peak Boulevard and Hanking Financial Center successfully won four international property prizes including Best High-rise Residential Development, Best Multi-unit House Design, Best Garden Design ad Best Office Building Development.

The International Property Award is known as the Oscar in the real estate industry, one of the most influential and authorized awards in the industry. These awards have penetrated countries and regions including America, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific region, and Central and South America. As the widely renowned marks of excellence, they are set to honor the most excellent real estate projects.

The prizes of the two Hanking Group’s projects prove that Hanking Financial Center embodies the spirit of cities with unprecedented attitude in architecture and meets the internal needs of enterprises and people. Ever since the birth of the Hanking Financial Center project, we have openly invited 108 companies to join the bidding process. 6 international masters took part in the final selection and finally Thom Mayne, a Pritzker Prize winner, took the lead. We salute the city by the hand of the master and by the name of architecture.

Hanking Peak Boulevard is located in hillside that commands the world. The combination of aluminium and glass engineers the elevation impact and elaborates the crossover spirit of mountains and the sea. “Hanking Peak Boulevard has reached the world standard and you don’t need to go abroad to see a top luxury building like this.” said Yoshiki Toda.

Located in the middle of Xiaonanshan Mountain in Qianhai Center, the hillside villas are embraced by rare natural mountain scenes with an area of 300,000 m2 in the east, west and south. Pooling the wisdom from the global, Hanking Group has created the one-of-a-kind luxury hillside villas in Qianhai. This luxury is composed of 4 high-rise buildings and 22 villas units.

With scattered-orderly layout and diversified visions, the villas resemble crystals fusing into the nature. With the altitude advantage and a commanding position, they demonstrate the characteristics of a new city landmark in the international arena, standing out in the middle of a mountain yet subduing its brilliance in the city. In the future, Hanking Hillside Villas will become the benchmark of superb luxury villas in the Qianhai International Bay Area in Shenzhen.

Hanking Group always shows its unique charms to the city with its quality and creativeness. Its attitude of saluting to the city represents the love of Hanking Group towards architecture and the citiy. Hanking has not only contributed its masterpieces to the city, but put into practice the core value of creativity and quality. Hanking itself is the masterpiece showing that the city is seeking for change. Hanking, the pioneer of creative real estate!