Being Exquisite, Being Phenomenal The Global Opening Ceremony of Hanking Peak Boulevard


Pooling the wisdom of the architectural masters from the world, the product roll-out of Hanking Peak Boulevard, the only hillside mansion in Qianhai FTZ, was held at the night of July 17th, 2015. The opening ceremony was initiated at the Intercontinental Hotel Shenzhen with guests from home and abroad. 

The Master of Ceremony was Liu Mingming, the pillar host of Shenzhen TV. Li Zongsheng, a legendary musician in the Mando-pop world, was the guest showing his support. There are also other figures present including a former Atkins architect, Eddie, one of the top five architectural consulting companies in the world, Yoshiki Toda, one of the top three landscape architects in Japan, Manfred Haverkamp, a top German interior design firm as well as the mainstream media from Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In a fresh and fashionable style, the opening ceremony brought to everyone original and unique experience. 

With the gently music on, the opening ceremony of Hanking Peak Boulevard was initiated. All the guests, friends and media witnessed the event and watched the promotion video.

The video clip is a record of the development process of Hanking Group. As the creative pioneer of Shenzhen’s real estate market, Hanking Group, with its rapid strides, paints the blueprint of China’s creative real estate market. Up to now, it has contributed quite a few architectural masterpieces to the city with great details. After 8 years’ preparations, we have 20 urban reserve projects of more than 9 million square meters sufficient for development of 15 to 20 years. In the construction of transforming Shenzhen into an international metropolis, we have formed unique and core advantages. Effective action with phenomenal creativeness, the vision of globalization, and a resolute attitude towards the future have all made Hanking’s name known in the city of Shenzhen. 

In the following two years, Hanking Group will complete its duet project, one of which is Hanking Financial Center, the building of Hanking Group headquarters, a 350 meter creative landmark in Shennan Avenue. The other one is Hanking Peak Boulevard, the one and only hillside luxury mansion in Qianhai FTZ, which is a frontrunner entering into the market of luxury residence after 5 years’ temper. Before launched into the market, it has won three top prizes of the 2015 International Property Award including Best High-rise Residential Development, Best Multi-unit House Design and Best House Landscape Design. 

Hanking Group is clearly capable of synthesizing global resources in cooperation with quite a few top companies in different fields. The benchmark projects it has created pooled diversified global resources of best quality, which is shown by the Hanking Peak Boulevard Project. The Group has recruited the best international design teams regarding architectural planning, garden landscape and interior design. A video of a master’s interview has shown the guests the stories behind the design of Hanking Peak Boulevard.

After the video, Chunxiao, who has won the name of China’s Most Beautiful Voice, made her remarks: “You don’t like living in the crowded area but some place closer to nature and so you want to live in the hillside. Some day when you open the window, you see the mountains and the sea. You will find that the most beautiful moment in the world is when you spend time in the nature with harmony, when the special someone, the mountain and the sea are in the same picture in your eyes. In this world, when the Fortunate You do not need to use bank notes but live with water, air, trees and the blue sky in nature, in the lifestyle of fashion and low profile, then I congratulate you that you have broken away from the crowd. You are on the way to the phenomenal.” Such remarks were followed by a fashion show taking the “Spirit of the Mountains and the Sea” as the theme, which pushed the ceremony to a new high. The fashionable and creative fashion show is a unprecedented visual feast. With the decrescendo of the music, Eddie, Yoshiki Toda and Manfred went up on the stage and shared with all the guests about how Hanking Peak Boulevard looked in their eyes. 

Eddie, the architecture designer from the U.K., first expressed that his inspiration of high-rise buildings were from the vein of banyan in Xiaonanshan, hence leading to Hanking Peak Boulevard, the very original all-glasses elevation residence in Shenzhen.

Yoshiki Toda, the renowned master of landscape design brought a living garden to Hanking Peak Boulevard. He extracted four core elements of nature, namely, water, earth, light and wind, to shape and build the garden’s internal section. Based on the principle of respecting nature, he created a mountain residence of experience back in nature for all the expected owners.
Manfred expressed his concept of delicate interior design of Hanking Peak Boulevard from the angle of a designer from the Occident. Manfred mentioned: “our goal, firstly, is to offer a space for experience that will leave deep impression on people. Only if we utilize skillfully the mode of interaction, function and emotional factors can we display the unique potential of space. Retain the essence while getting rid of the dregs to make outstanding the most exquisite details. This is the unique and eternal space environment I created for Hanking Peak Boulevard.”

Hanking Group picked these masters because they shared the same concepts and feelings with us. After the sharing from the masters, Mr. Eric Wu, the chairman of Hanking Group came on the stage. In the hill sight-seeing road, Mr. Wu waved his hand to the guests. He extended his gratitude to the design team and all the guests for taking time to witness the roll-out of Hanking Peak Boulevard. Mr. Wu and the three masters started the launching ceremony and unveiled the one and only hillside luxury mansion in Qianhai FTZ, the Hanking Peak Boulevard.

Another climax was followed when Li Zongsheng, the legendary evergreen in the musical circle, walked on the stage in music familiar to all of us. His focus on music, grasp of details and pursuit of perfection are compatible with the spirit of being exquisite and phenomenal. When Li made a crossover from a musician to a craftsman, he surmounted a mountain of his life. Although he has created a load of classic musical masterpieces, he is still imbedded with the original pursuit of perfectness in music. Just as Li Zongsheng’s spirit of being a craftsman is touching many fans, our attitude of creating rare collections with the spirit of a craftsman is reaching the heart of many property owners. 

At that night, Li Zhongsheng sang a couple of classic solos on stage and lowered the curtain of the launching ceremony in beautiful and gentle manner. We were told that, on July 18th, Hanking Peak Boulevard sales center and show flats would be open for visit and reservation. Welcome!

【Project Introduction】
Hanking Peak Boulevard is located in the middle of Xiaonanshan in Qianhai FTZ. It is composed of 4 small high-rises and 22 villas with only 290 vacancies. The FAR is 2.2, which is rare, and the total construction area is 61,222 square meters. The floor area per unit is between 160 to 500 square meters and all the units are well ventilated with pleasant views. Hanking Peak Boulevard sales center and show flats will be open on July 18th. Welcome to pay your visit anytime!