From“Architecture to Urban”Master Lecture from Mr. Thom Mayne


On February 2nd, 2015, Hanking Elite Academy hosted its first "Master Lecture" of 2015. The lecturer was Mr. Thom Mayne, a Pritzker Prize winner who is the lead architect for Hanking Financial Center, a 350-meter tall office skyscraper in Shenzhen. Travelling all the way from Los Angeles, Mr. Thom Mayne shared his topic on "From Architecture to Urban" with Hanking Group as well as other partners in the industry.

Mr. Thom Mayne founded Morphosis Architects in 1972. With his leadership, his team has been recognized with over 100 architectural awards worldwide. He is not only a world-class architect, he is also a well-known lecturer in the architectural community, as he has given lectures at many universities around the globe.

During Mr. Thom Mayne's lecture, he talked about how his understanding between the connection of architecture and cities has affected his past projects. He believes that architecture has a significant impact in city-building, as well as its effect on its citizens. With each of his projects around the world, he oversees the entire process from design sketches, to mock-up, and to the finalization of the entire idea.

Mr. Thom Mayne thinks of Shenzhen as a creative capital, representing as an architectural pioneer of China. Therefore, he used a pioneering offset core design in Hanking Financial Centre. The highlight of this project is the bridges connecting the core with the floor plates, as well as its complex structure, which will create a dynamic working environment for its tenants. He hopes Hanking Financial Centre will not only be his most interesting project to date, but also the most creative skyscraper among the Shenzhen skyline.

This lecture was attended by many of the elites in the Chinese real estate industry, including the head of Shenzhen Urban Planning Committee, Ms. Zhou. As an architect herself, Ms. Zhou stated, "Every architect must have the passion to dedicate their work to their city and community. I hope there will be more corporations, such as Hanking, who will continue to bring masterpiece to the city of Shenzhen!"

The first "Master Lecture" of Hanking Group's Elite Academy was a tremendous success, as it brought together many of the professionals in this field into one room to discuss the future of Shenzhen. In 2015, Hanking will continue to host "Master Lectures" to educate its team and partners with a goal to become a world-class organization.