Hanking Group donates spring water to Guizhou severely drought area


1.Severe drought in Guizhou and other southwest provinces draw great attention of Hanking Group. Board of directors of Hanking decided to donate 100,000 bottles of spring water to Guizhou drought area. We arranged everything with Shenzhen Charity Society immediately for the donation ceremony.

2. Hanking car group started from Shenzhen to Guizhou through Guangdong and Hu’nan on March 30. It was the first remote enterprise sending water to drought area. 

3. According to direction of Guizhou Charity Sociey, it has sent water to autonomous prefectures of Miao and Dong nationalities in southeast of Guizhou. Also, we met several moving activities there.

4. On April 1, donation ceremony was held with efforts of Guizhou Department of Civil Affairs and Guizhou 

5. On April 2, Department of Civil Affaris in Guizhou Southeast State held donation ceremony. Director Wang and County Magistrate of Jianhe Yang accepted the donation. 

6. On April 2, Department of Civil Affairs of Taijiang County held donation ceremony. Director Yang Xuening accepted donation. 

7. Sending water to mational minorities in severely affected area and waiting for getting water 

8. Concerning the situation of disaster in Yongfu Villiage of Taijiang County- land was cracked and well went dry. 

9. Students in Yonggu Primary School who were experiencing the drought disaster. 

10. On April 3, surveyed in Guguan Villiage of Ninggu County and Manzhai Villiage of Longgong County in Anshun area.