Letter of thanks from Charity Society of Guizhou Southeast State


Letter of Thanks 

Shenzhen Hanking Group Co., Ltd:

First, we would represent all people in Guizhou Southeast State to show our sincere thanks and gratitude to you. Thanks for you selfless assistance and cordial greetings to people in disaster area.

Since August, 2009, most counties and towns in our state were lack of rains for drought in summer-autumn and winter-spring. Especially after entering winter, the drought was serious. Hunderd-year drought would result in reduction of output and have great impact to normal life.

At the critical moment, you carried forward Chinese traditional virtues of “If one part of China has problems, help should come from eight other directions”. Your sincere and profound friendship really impressed us very much and make us inspired. 

Disasters have no mercy, but humans do. We believe that under concern of our Central Party and the State Council, and with assistance of Guizhou Southeast government and Shenzhen Hanking Group Co., Ltd, we could overcome all difficulties and resume normal production for a better homeland.

At last, we would express our thanks to you again for you generous assistance and support for the disaster area.

Charity Federation of Guizhou Southeast State 

April 16, 2010