Hanking International participates in Golden Key Property Union


President of Hanking Group, Mr. Zong Zixin, said that, “Golden Key is not only an identification mark, but sign for good reputation and qualified services. Golden Key is only service brand of high-end business in the world.”Starting of golden key services for Hanking International represents that Hanking Group has won authentication recognition in property services. Hanking Group would be devoted to providing qualified residence for citizens in Shenzhen and advanced office buildings with qualified and best high-end property services.

President of Hanking Group, Mr. Zong Zixin, made a speech in awarding ceremony

Office buildings of Hanking International are streaking into market. Rooms in 15 to 19 floors of landscape with mountain and sea are selling well. The whole area is almost 1,500 m2, back Dananshan, facing seascape of Qianghaiwan and Shenzhen Bay. It is the only one building with four hanging gardens in each floor. The rate of utilization is 91%. In August, it would be sold. You could move in after buying right now, which could save more costs. 

Hanking International participated in awarding ceremony of Golden Key Property Union

Hanking International is located in the southeast corner of Nanhai Road and Dengliang Road in Nanshan, Shenzhen. It is in the golden position between Qianhai and Nanshan central area with an area of 5,292.7 ㎡and total structure area of 45,856.87㎡ (including office structure area of 25,661.77㎡and commercial structure area of 5,500.86㎡). The project complies with standards of total first grade office building, including commercial and office buildings. Area of typical floor of office buildings is 1,500 ㎡and main area of 110 to 330 ㎡. Office space is with elastic design, which could be combined freely to satisfy several spatial demands of modern commerce. 

Hanking International participated in awarding ceremony of Golden Key Property Union

Design philosophy and development conception of Hanking International would promote images and standards of international commercial office in Pearl River Delta. As the only first grade office building, the project is born for promotion of international commercial progress. Planning design and structure details, including modern glass curtain wall, energy-saving wide-body office building, special Siming hall, lift well, corridor and office designs for spaces, all represent humanistic care and boutique to satisfy all demands of enterprises. It is trying to create a complete and effective international commercial platform.