Reciprocal banquet of Hanking International for nrew partner admission


The thanks party was an amazing feast for eyes, a high-end commercial party, and unforgettable memory for Hanking International.

In the evening of August 20, all seats were occupied in the hall of Intercontinental Hotel of OCT, people including leaders of Hanking Group, proprietors of Hanking International, medial and some other high-end businessmen, to witness “Beijing Festival and Gilding Appointment”. 

This was a high-end commercial thanks party with full confidence to future management of proprietors to Hanking Group. 

Meticulous and humanized

At 6 o’clock PM, proprietors and guests arrived at the hotel for signing in. ritual personnel all dressed up to welcome all. First, all proprietors and guests signed in in front of LED for photos. Front hall of Intercontinental Hotel were for display of luxurious Porsche cars and Gillette watches. There was also red wine from Bordeaux for all guests.

The humanized and meticulous arrangement all reflected operation philosophy of Hanking Group and its origins of Hanking International commerce. 

Considerate and elegant

At 7 o’clock PM, all proprietors and guests entered. All welcomed the inspiring moment. Presence of all leaders of Hanking Group represented the great important and courteous reception of Hanking Group.

The dinner was starting with the dance. President of Hanking Group, Mr. Zong Zixin, made a compassionate speech to show the welcome and wishes of Hanking Group. 

Low-carbon commerce, green life

The atmosphere was warm without elegance. There were some performances of sand painting, ballet on the shoulder, lelectric guitat and modern dance. The last part was for “low-carbon commerce, green life”. With broadcast of environmental-protection VCR, tens of models wearing clothes made by plant and flowers came out for a ecological show. Then, proprietors and leader of Hanking Group tied green silk ribbon on the ecological tree, which meant the structure philosophy of low carbon and environment protection. Meanwhile, it marked that Hanking International would bring in humanized services and green service philosophy for customers in future property management.

At last, the activity was ended in the ceremony of pouring to ice sculpture for Hanking International. 

Hot-sell of double seascape high buildings 

Hanking International is located at the southwest corner of Nanhai Road and Dengliang Road in Nanshan, Shenzhen. It is in the position of golden corridor between Qianhai and Nanshan central area. It covers an area of 5292.7㎡with total structure area of 45856.87㎡. The commercial building area of podium building is 5500.86㎡. It is created as the super first grade office building with wide design to satisfy office demands. Area of standard lay is almost 1470 ㎡ and main area is between 110-330㎡. The office is with elastic design for free combination, which could meet all special requirements of modern business. 

On August 28, Hanking International joined in partnership solemnly. Floor 15 to 19 of seascape is hot sell. With seascape of both Qianhai and Shenzhen Bays, it is the only building with four hanging gardens for each floor. Rate of utilization is 91%. There are several enterprises of Fortune 500 moving in. currently, it is selling ready departments which could be moved after purchasing to save costs.