Hanking International was sold out


With efforts of all Hanking staff within 6 months, Hanking International was sold out at the ending of September in 2010. It is the sales myth in Nanshan real estate market for Hanking Group. Only within 6 months, it has completed the sales performance of 700 million. Even within 6 hours, it has the sales performance of 100 million, which is myth in office building selling history in Shenzhen.

Such a big success of Hanking International could not be inseparable with accurate position and specialized products of Hanking Group. With the vision of “predicting future office buildings”, Haning Group is to create comfortable office buildings with continuous values. All buildings are with 80 m face width, bright spaces, four hanging gardens for each floor, 4.2m height, international facilities and luxurious hall designed by international famous designers. It would promote green and humanized ecological philosophy in Shenzhen to a higher level. To everyone’s expectations, approvals from customers are high. Proprietor Huang said, Hanking International was his favorite one of office buildings in Shenzhen with its large spaces and suitable area for free combination and rental. With advanced design philosophy of ecology, Hanking International has attracted lots of enterprises moving in from Nanshan, even Shenzhen, such as Gold Arowana, EVEN, Zhonghang Zhicheng Technology, Nanshan Engineering Facility Protection, etc.

Hanking Group does not only make improvements in products, but in marketing promotion. To be leading beyond exceeding, it proceeds from requirements of customers to discover property values and undertake social responsibility. From the seminar of Take-off from Nanshan; Leading in Nanyou for Commercial Values in the beginning of 2010, lecture of Fortune- Hedging Investment Options under New Policies, activity of Participating in Gold Key Property Union, Donation of Water to Guizhou Disaster Area to Thanks Party of Hanking Proprietors, Hanking Group all made customers feel property values from precious high-end office buildings. 

To be leading beyond exceeding 

Commercial model in Nanshan; with ready houses for the visiting card in city; bright office buildings with low carbon 

Hanking Group works hard to discover products values for investment values. It has won tens of rewards.
Contribution Award of Shenzhen Ten Landmark Buildings
Demonstration House of China Real Estate with Low Carbon in 2010
Best Qualified Commercial Building Award in China Real Estate
Shenzhen Top Ten Office Building in 2009
Most valuable Commercial Property in Shenzhen in 2009

Hanking Group has completed all sales performance without support and love from customers. It would fight its war upward to fulfill the development idea of “Precious Construction and Valuable Life in City”. In future, Hanking Group would create more good products to be office building model for social returns.