Hanking Group organized corn stone laying ceremony for Hanking Bay


In the afternoon of November 10, Qianhai Moon Bay was going to hold a significant ceremony- Corn-stone Laying Ceremony of Hanking Bay. All leaders, guests, partners and staff of Hanking Group participated.

In the ceremony, president of Hanking Group, Zong Zixin, said, Hanking Bay was another work for Hanking Group after Hanking Mountain and Hanking International. As the high-end classic project with small departments, it was to set the target of future living and image model for Shenzhen small departments. Therefore, Hanking Group would try it best to create Hanking Bay with high standards, making it heritage to satisfy individual requirements of urban elites. 

With sounds of salutes, there were several climaxes in the ceremony. All leaders and guests took shovel for foundation of Hanking Bay. Therefore, Hanking Bay was entering important stage for construction. Hanking Group would high-spiritedly move forwards for a bright future.

Hanking Bay is nest to Nanshan Country Park with an area of 6,000 m2, and total structure area of 36,000 m2. It is in the position of southeast of Nanshan Country Park and northwest of Moon Bay, facing Qianhai Bay. With convenient transportation and excellent landscape, it is designed for complex of business and living. Hearty and simple lines could be used for hanging gardens. The whole body is clear blending in horizon linear to be together with mountain and sea. The project would be high-end boutique residence in Qianhai Area. Huge glass curtain wall likes a crystal tower rising from land under sunshine, reflecting past, current and future. Type design is new and novel with large free areas. With reasonable space and huge advantages of design, it is with great market and development, which could be pursuit for customers of those small departments. It can be sure that Hanking Bay would be a humanized residence for urban elites. 

At present, there are emerging several national new policies of real estate. With strong atmosphere of market sensibility, compared with other wait-and-sea measures, Hanking Group chooses to move forward. According to plans, Hanking Group carries out the development strategies of boutique in real estate. How inspiring. As pioneer in artistic real estate, Hanking is to set example with its actions. It is said that Hanking Group would launch more projects after Hanking Bay, such as Xiaonanshan high-end villa of Onishi, office buildings project of Nanshan Qicai Shangdao in creative industrial park, super first-grade office building of Luolan Sibao in Shennan Road, complex transformation of Nanyou Culture Plaza and any other projects of real estate and property.