Zong Zixin: Based on well learning, Hanking Group makes a strategic layout in Nanshan


Abstract: On January 19, 2010, Soufun invited industry experts to discuss new urban commercial road of technologies, logistics and other third industries and prospect development future of Nanshan commercial property market under the background of whole regional planning for Shenzhen economy, westward of city and Nanshan “three point, one line and one center”.

Shenzhen urban development is the process from east to west. Commercial property supplies in central area and central west area could be reduced. With rising prices, as the hot area of high-quality commercial property supplies, it is with wide development prospect. Whether the area could provide best commercial platform of development and promotion for enterprises?

Hanking Property is a modern enterprise mainly engaged in real estate development with comprehensive development in multi-industries. In land operation, it has participated in several projects in last 11 years with excellent achievements and successful experience. In 2007, Hanking Property created its group brand and started in market of second-hand real estate. As an enterprise with ten year’s experience in Nanshan, it witnessed development and changes in Nanshan. Therefore, it could express several viewpoints about Nanshan commercial market development. From the total planning of Shenzhen, we could see the best-known planning of Futian New District and Qianhai New district. In recent two years, position of Nanshan and rapid development of real estate market has proved the right decision of Hanking. In early days, it engaged in first-grade land operation. In 1994, it has made strategies in Nanshan not only for its huge development potential and values, but for development and urban renewal in Nanshan. Office building development in Nanshan has close relationship with Hanking. Commercial development of Shenzhen is from east to west for maturity. Nowadays, office building development in Luohu and Futian has been mature. Rental market of single property right has changed. Market of Nanshan is during rapid development. Future commercial districts would be important in Nanshan.

From the perspective of enterprises, third industry in third industrial structure is the main body for demands of office building. Proportion of third industry in Nanshan has been 70%. Moreover, enterprises with registered capital of more than 1,000,000 in Nanshan have increased by the rate of 6,000 per year. Due to important development levels of commercial market in Nanshan, Hanking Group positions commercial project strategies from first grade to second grade, besides two commercial buildings of Hanking International in later period. It is to create the target of refinement and take social responsibilities for the development and risen in the city.

Hanking International belongs to the center of “Three points and one center”in Five-year Development Program of Nanyou area. There are three examples to illustrate its development. Firstly, Nanyou Park is one of the most valuable real estate. To select large landscape of Asian development project would be undisputed. But how to position Nanyou as hall of the city? It would be a large-scale comprehensive project integrated office, hotel and shopping. Also, it would be a city central park full of fun. Values of complex could be verified from Roppongi and ISC in Hong Kong, including the highest, most valuable and advanced transformation of Nanyou Industrial Area. In June, 2009, under organization of District Mayor Liu, executive meeting of Nanshan people’s government held professional discussion for the position and transformation upgrade of Nanyou First Industrial Area. It was conclude decision in the No. 8 Document, which clearly defined that Nanyou First Industrial Area, was transformed into fashion design creative industry park integrated headquarters economy, creative design, commercial display and business communications. The transformation would be responsible by committee of Shenzhen Private Enterprise Clothes and Accessories. In December, 2005, No. 173 Document was concluded in the working conference of comprehensive improvement in Nanyou First Industrial Area, clearly defined that transformation program made by Guangdong Urban and Rural Planning Research Institute was to position it as fashion creative industrial park with diversity and multi-culture. Connection of Chuangye Road and Dengliang Road is the gold axis in Qianhai and Houhai areas. Third, development of Nanshan commerce in Nanyou promotes management of numerous private enterprises. Due to deficient demands of new office buildings, high-end first grade office buildings are scarce and precious in this area. Hanking International is born to occupy the market, which could satisfy needs for current situation. There are three stages for Hanking International and its commercial brands. First, we should recognize the target. We need to treat each detail from the perspective of customers so that to win the market. Hanking International is to put customer feelings and future development to the top. Only to grasp the rules could win recognition of market. Second, we should take all advantages of regional values for development. Current economy recover would be opportunities for commercial development in Nanshan. The government also pays great attention and confidence to the subsequent commercial projects. We are also devoted in sustainable development of commercial real estate in Nanshan. Hanking International has employed subsidiaries of SOM for interior design of the 800m Building , Britain design enterprises for design of sales center, CB Richard Ellis for property consultant and two subsidiary systems of Tang Hua Architectural Firm for the quality. Although costs are higher, it is worth high quality and benchmark for reputation and public praise. Subsequent large complex could inherit the commercial brand of Hanking.

Construction and design of core-tube was paid great cost. For so many balconies, we should re-consider location. Our core-tube is not placed in the middle like traditional one. All structure design needs great costs to conclude broad feelings. The elevator hall could be 10 meters wide. Breakthrough in structure design needs great creative ideas. Floor height of our structure is 4.2m. Seldom first grade office buildings could have the height of 4.2m and clear height of 3.11m. All creative designs represent our core values, humanization, which means to create values for customers. As we all had the experience, old office buildings are crowded in elevator, hall, elevator hall. The living atmosphere is also oppressive and ventilation is not good. All the problems could be solved in Hanking International. For example, our air conditioner is ultra-quite for adjustment of temperature. We could turn on hot blast in low temperature. Althouth the winter is not cold in Shenzhen, we still need heater for a comfortable office environment for all staff. All designs, including width, height, independent air supply system and curtain system, are all with heal preservation measures in the wall, pillar pitch surface, even on the floor. We have made great contributions in environmental protection and energy-saving indexes, especially for our VRV central self-control air-conditioners. Our water is green and transparent. At least, our light could not be light in the whole 8 hours. Under same temperature, other Building s maybe use air-conditioners. But for us, we need not due to the independent ventilation system and with good effects in each index.

We hope everyone, including our clients, could acknowledge better understanding of our Building . Also we hope everyone could better understand our product. If you could not acknowledge values of Hanking International, you could not have clear recognition of its characteristics and cost performance. I really hope everyone could have a deep understanding of our values.

Why we create such a small project- Hanking International? What we concern is not only the development of whole regional market, but its future. Maybe it is not very good right now. But I’m sure its future would be bright. What we are creating is not only a good product, but the future of Nayou. Moreover, it needs more improvement and promotion. Why we do not make improvements on the basis of Luohu? In fact, Luohu is hardly to have any improvement. But Nanshan is facing the sea; it is a blank sheet demanding colors and pictures. Just Director Gao said, we should understand the problems of Pearl River Delta from the perspectives of sea and air. I have deep comprehension of those. Sea side includes Bao’an Central Area and Qianhai. It has different feelings from that of seaport. For example, I passed through West Bank of Mangrove every day. But I felt it a little noisy. Seeing from sea, it is just front end of a small peninsula. Seeing from air, there are two bays before the sea- one is Yantian in the east and one is in west. The west is the face for people coming to Shenzhen by sea. Whatever you definite it as an international city, international frontier, or any other names, image of Shenzhen could be fully displayed in the bay before the sea. This area is with good future. Our products and our brand all related to “Hanking”- Hanking Mountain, Hanking International and Hanking Bay in future. We could crease a series of those products branded Hanking. We would be proud of our brand, product values, service philosophy and operation principles. Our spirit of excellence could be seen in each product. The first two products are Hanking International and Hanking Mountain, which are evaluated by customers for its values.

“Principle of hard work, humanized design, customer-oriented, and inductive services are eye-catching points of Hanking International.”

How to attract customers? First, it should depend on principles. Just as I said just now, development philosophy attached to products could be felt by customers. The Building , including sales center and presentation layer, could be clearly viewed by customers. Also, customers could feel the team spirit and design philosophy. It is not a short-term behavior. The philosophy could be continued and felt only after long time.

Second, the humanized design is not completed in hurry. Enterprise culture of Hanking could be only promoted for those ideas matched to people working in first grade office building. Our sales points include Kone elevator, which is the third brand in the world. Due to limitation of understanding, we do not really recognize the famous enterprise. Configuration of those products is not important. What is more important is the design of whole product, which is not only reflected in air-conditioner or elevator, but details in Hanking International.

Third, development of the product is service and customer-oriented. What we create is the one needed by customers. Our service is leading customers to something unknown. For example of the air-conditioner, we could create an ordinary brand and also VRV. Someone has ever asked me is there hot wind in Shenzhen. I told hime that we have. When you live in our buildings, you could feel how comfortable it is. We would try out best to inform our customers of what would be needed. This is the prior service. Later, we would center on customer. If customers meet some problems, we would solve them at first time. We could judge customer’s feelings by our own. Those philosophies that treat customer as God before sales and indifferently after sales are not our idea.