Hanking cooperates with Hengguang Liuyue to promote Shenzhen urban renewal


Signing ceremony of Henggang large renovation project 

Signing ceremony of Henggang Liuyue renovation cooperation between Hanking Group was held in the 21-floor multifunctional hall of Hanking International Building at 3:05 PM on January 5, 2011. President Wu Yuangang of Hanking Group and President Chen Xingguang of Liuyue Co., Ltd signed the cooperation contract, which meant that Henggang Liuyue Community, covering an area of 270,000 m2, began to construct.

In signing ceremony, President Wu Yuanggang of Hanking Group expressed high expectations for the project with high standards and requirements. It is to be created a new model for urban reneal in Shenzhen and a beautiful, comfortable and harmonized residence for Liuyue villagers.

President Chen Xingguang of Liuyue expressed confidence for the cooperation and spoke highly of the whole planning.

It is said that the renovation project is located in south of Henggang Liuyue, next to Shenhui Road, at the joint of Liuyue Road and Chenhe Road, covering an area of 270,000m2. It is 400m far away from Liuyue station of Line three. The project would promote urbanization of Henggang and renovation in Shenzhen. Also, it is to promote whole property values of the area.