“Hanking TIME”- Hanking Group holds awarding ceremony of influential men in 2011 and party of Spring Festival


On January 21, 2011, “Hanking -TIME”of 2011 was held in Zengcheng Pattra Hotel in Guangzhou. Director Wu Yuangang, Executive Director Huang Jianwen, President Zong Zixin, Vice President Cao Baozhu, Vice President Liu Faan, Chief Engineer Sun Xuewu and all staff witnessed the festival. 

The annual festival was started from “Make it different, Just Hanking”. Then it is to announce Hanking Influential Men in 2010. Directors of Hanking Group issued awards for outstanding employee, outstanding managers, outstanding team, best executive force and any other prizes for 16 prize-winners and two teams. Also, Vice President Cao Baozhu won special reward for her predominant performance. The rewards would be diamond watch, IPad, Iphone 4, activity funds or training funds. 

After dinner, theme party of Hanking-TIME was started with dance of “Geliable 2011”. There were some performances of dance, skit, martial arts, T-show, etc. All performances were made up by staff of Hanking. There were three parts for the T-show “Hanking’s splendor”, career apparel, evening dress and special dress with low carbon and environment protection. All models were staff of Hanking. The special dress made by staff combined environmental materials and low-carbon conceptions. It won applauses from all audience. Moreover, special performance performed by leaders and directors, Make Housing Price Raise, won a lot laugher. 

At last, director Wu Yuanggang and Executive Director Huang Jianwen opened the huge calendar of 2011 with fireworks display. It meant that the year 2010 with great achievements had passed and all people were ready to welcome 2011. 2010 “Hanking-TIme” was completed in satisfactory.