Hanking Group answers the call for low-carbon proposal of “Earth Hour”


Global warming, resources shortage, extinction of species, and environment pollution are all ecological environment problems we are facing. Environmental protection and energy-saving has been our extremely urgent obligations and responsibilities. Ecological sustainable development has drawn great attention from enterprises and people in different career.

To suppor “Earth Hour” by WWF in 2011, Hanking Group turned off all LED floodlighting system from 20:30 to 21:30 on March 26, 2011.

“Earth Hour” is the proposal initiated by World Wildlife Fund, appealing everyone, community, enterprise and government to turn off light for one hour in the last Saturday of March to motivate people’s responsibilities to protect the world, think about environmental problems and support activities of resisting global warming.

Following super advanced design philosophy, Hanking Group is to create qualified low-carbon and environmental-protective products. Hanking International adopts modern and fashion glass curtain wall, energy-efficient plate-type office building, and special bright office rooms (hall, elevator, corridor, and office spaces) to interpret application of low-carbon and environmental-protection in real estate. From design to details, it is to achieve sustainable development and development strength and social responsibilities of Hanking.

In this activity, Hanking Group inherited practices of low carbon and environmental-protection. Hanking Group would participate in next “Earth Hour” as well to make efforts to save our homeland. Everyone should save electricity, water from now on.