Meet-and greet of Nanyou living quarters renovation range (conception) for Hanking Group


Another spring came. In the morning of May 21, 2011, to respond to the call of Shenzhen urban renewal, Hanking Group invited 100 proprietors from Nanyou A living area to participate in meet-and-greet of Nanyou Living quarters renovation range for Hanking Group.

Started from 9 o’clock AM, some proprietors came to Hanking to visit our offices, sand table, balcony garden and dinning hall accompanying by our staff.

At 9:30, the conference started. President Zong Zixin made a speech to welcome all proprietors and made a brief introduction to Hanking Group and expressed the determination and ambitions in urban renewal. It was to make all proprietors get acknowledge of Hanking brand and confident for cooperation.
Welcom proprietors of Nanyou living area come to Hanking Group

Speech made by propriortor representative, Mr. Yan, was the highlight in the meeting. As the first propriortor, Mr. Yan has witnessed changes happened in Nanyou for past 20 years. He mentioned that houses in Nanyou had had one foot in the grave like old people. Hut is was still loath to part with it. If Nanyou living quarters could be renovated, to live in new houses without leaving the place was the perfect choice. Simple language and sincere feelings aroused great resonance from other proprietors for an enthusiastic atmosphere. 
Afterwards, it was to display the conceptual design program VCR of “Nanyou Time” for another climax in the meeting. It showed how Nanyou living quarters changed from a shabby old residence to a perfect and new residence community with complete facilities. All proprietors showed their great expectations for the renovation of this conceptual design program. 

Director of Hanking Project Development Center, Zheng Youyi, concluded the meeting after making policies interpretation for all people. After the meeting, lots of proprietors contacted the workers showing their willingness to sign the power of attorney. With strong response from proprietors and their promotion, many proprietors came to office for further information and signing the letter. They all hoped the beautiful environment of Nanhai time would come soon.