In 2011, Hanking heades for Longgang Central City


On October 10, 2011, Hanking Group and Shenzhen Longgang Co., Ltd signed a contract for cooperation of renovation project for city renewal in Shihu, Shangwei and Luoboba in Longgang.

City renewal areas included three places, Shihu, Shangwei and Luoboba in Longgang. Shihu renovation covers an area of 67,416m2; Shangwei covers an area of 142,345 m2; and Luoboba covers an area of 112,855 m2. The total area of above three places is 322,600 m2.

The project is located in the heart of Longgang Old Town, which is next to Longgang River and Longyuan Part. There are complete facilities around with strong atmosphere of commerce. Combined characteristics of the project, it is to create a comprehensive new model in real estate integrated modern ecology living quarters, costal recreation region and one-stop shopping mall in the center of Longgang.

From 2010, Hanking group has grasped policies and market trend of land. It has set city renewal project as major target. The project is the important breakthrough after Henggang Liuyue, which would lay solid foundation for sustainable development of Hanking.