Mission for Hanking people: for distinguished achievements- Zong Zixin President of Hanking Group


I like the advertisement of Apple: “those who are crazy to change the would could change the world.”

There are three apples in the world, which change the world. First, it is the apple ate by Adam and Eve. Second, it is the apple smacking Newton’s head. Third, it is the Apple of Steve Jobs. Regardless whether the third Apple has changed the world, it brings us inspiration that one person or one enterprise could not change the world, but the world could be changed by someone. To be ideal, world would be changed by you. Without dream, there is nothing. I think that an enterprise without dream would be lack of vitality.

To be aa ideal and ambitious enterprise, we would make it different. Dream of Hanking is to be pioneer in creative real estate. It is not easy to fulfill the dream. Hanking would set a model in the industry and challenge for itself. Creation is not to be different.

It is obvious that to be creative mush break through all boundaries and conventions. To acknowledge requirements of market and customers, product features, functions and performances would be more important. I think we should satisfy our customers first. Then it could be an excellent product. In the past, it is to achieve more functions. But what we should do more is the pursuit of high quality, to be more considerate and humanized. Boutique products are the eternal pursuit for Hanking. To achieve the vision, it should undertake the mission that “Make it different”.

Enterprise must break through industrial development patter with flexible and stage development pattern for a larger and stronger one. It is to create more good products and serve the society.

Personnel management should adopt hierarchy patter to play utmost personal values. It would be a good platform for staff to make more contributions.

All products should be with special spirits with different forms. It should be endowed with enjoyment and contents of architecture and art.

All customers should know well about the requirements. It should divide customers into different group for suitable products.

The cit should inherit spirit and meanings for architecture with utmost scarce resources. Make the city more beautiful and make life happier.

With good vision and mission, it should practice hardheadedly. Core values of Hanking are progress, cooperation and achievements. With steady steps, it should integrate all resources for its dream. Do it from now on and from each detail. Leading by the philosophy, products in real estate should not only with good appearance, but with necessary functions. The more important is the good performance, including environmental-protective materials and energy-saving index. What we are pursuing is special temperament and spirit. To make architecture language into art is to make the building more vigorous.

Products are the representatives for values. The final target is to satisfy requirements of customers. Therefore, it is important to get acknowledge customers’ requirements. I think we should not divide our products and customers into simple patters with High, Middle, Low or Big, Middle, small. We should show great respect and understandings to all customers. With same living functions, it would be with different living philosophy, values according to different industries and interests.

Hanking has promoted the project of “Hanking Happy”. At the beginning of product position, after deep market survey, we could find that there would be interesting ones around us. After getting acknowledged of their demands, we could create customized products. So called “interesting ones” would be environmentalists, tour friends, music fans or i-fans. They are the most popular with distinct individuality. A house with hundred square meters could be spaces for decoration within the group of people with same dream.

For living performance index, Hanking emphasizes comfort. The outside wall is Low-E hollow glass for energy-saving. To make air fresh, it adopts the resources of Shuangshanwu Park to increase intake of negative ion. There would be active primary air system for sound insulation and dust filtration. For capacity design of electricity supply, it expands dilatation on the basis of original one to satisfy configuration of household appliances.

Hanking would not change the standards by construction levels, such as clean parking lot. Terrace of epoxy resin is our standard configuration for all products.

All in all, product would be born by its theme. This is not only the philosophy of humanism, but of business.

“Make it different- Just Hanking”