Hanking Cup of 2011 Guangdong Golf Game for Teenagers was held


2011 Guangdong Golf Game for Teenagers was like a long-distance race which held for one year. On January 30 to 31, 2012, finals were held in Huizhou. With support of Shenzhen Hanking Group, teenager all gathered in Huizhou Lakefront Golf Club and Resort for the finals.

In the two rounds of game from January 30 to 31, all players were to win the first prize in groups with same age or sex. In stroke play, there would be two rounds games with 36 holes for A, B, C groups. Players in group D and E would have the game with 18 holes. People with least score would be first. Due to differences in temperature of morning and evening, it would be a big challenge for all young players. Some young players would be ill but insist to finish the game with golf sport spirit. After two-day competition, first three prizes were won by Hua Chengsi, Bai Zhengkai, and Zhang Junbin for male group and young Xu Andi with 9 years old won the first prize in Group D. Winner of youngest group were Shen Zehao. Winners of Female Group A, B, C were Wang Meixing, Lin Jiaxin and He Sipan. Nine-year-old Chi Yunrui won the first prize of Female Group D. 

(Picture 1: Chairman of Guangdong Golf Association, Xu Deli, issued medal to Hanking Group)

Chairman of Guangdong Golf Association, Xu Deli, Deputy Secretary General, Jiang Yongjun, participated in the awarding ceremony. Chairman Xu thanked sponsor Hanking Group for support of teenager golf. As sponsor of the game, Hanking Group would always take the responsibilities of “Feedback to Society for Development” and be devoted to development all kinds of activities in public welfare and sports. We hope more people would pay attention and support teenager golf. It would pay a sold foundation for golf development in China.