Hanking Season of Public Welfare- “Care Mediterranean Anemia with everyone”


You are like a seed sowed at wrong moment. You are like duckweed stopping in mother’s arm. Due to congenital deficiencies, it is destined that you would struggle in difficulties. You are the witness of family love. Parents would try their best to cure you for the promise of a bright future.

They are poor but with lofty ideals. In the suffering days, in order to continue your life, several families were struggling with poverty. Your families love you so much, but they could not fulfill your little dream for a doll for bag. They would protect you always without asking endings. They only hope that you could live. Only living in the world would have dreams for future.

- World Mediterranean Anemia Day on May 8
On May 13, 2012, Hanking and Nanshan Volunteer Union organized activity of “Care Mediterranean Anemia with erveryone”. There were 50 people participated, including 12 volunteers of Hanking.

Leaders of Hanking Group gave out presents of children with Mediterranean Anemia when enteing. Seeing their smile, we could not help smiling. To provide materials support would be gains in spiritual that could not tell. 
Although it was hot, all volunteers were enthusiastic. There was a little girl named “Jiajia” drawing our attention. She was with fair skin, sweet smile and open personality. There were some bruises in her arm. When we were asking the reason, she told us that it was due to injection for every day. How cruel it was for a little girl. We acknowledged from Jiajia’s mother that she has a sister. But their marrow could not be matched. But her family was not desperate. They would be always optimistic. Their bright smile would melt my heart. 

The one who would catch out eyes was Wang Liang in wheelchair. He had a strong body with 1.86 m height. Besides two eyes moving around, he could not move at all. It was said that only his mother was taking care of him. Without help of Volunteer Union, he even could not have a chance seeing the outside world.

At the ending, all volunteers hardly said goodbye to those children and hoped to meet next time. We would be responsible for each life to care Mediterranean Anemia with everyone. Words from editor: statistics from Guangdong Mediterranean Anemia Association in 2011 shows that Guangdong is the high occurrence area of Mediterranean Anemia. There would be 1 in 9 with Mediterranean Anemia. Estimated from rate of carrier and birth, there would be 2000 patients with serious disease, increasing 200 to 300 per year. Besides transplant of candidate stem cell, they could only live by transfusion and iron-emission. It would spend 100,000 Yuan per year. 95% of patients could not be treated due to lack of money. We really hope everyone could help those people trying their best.