Hanking Season of Public Welfare- Visiting Shajing Gerocomium


On May 20, it was the National Disabled Day, Hanking Group organized 13 volunteers to visit Shajing Gerocomium. 

The activity was also series of Hanking five-year anniversary. We made detailed communication between volunteers and Shajing Gerocomium for purchasing wheels and bring cakes. 

Visiting of Hanking volunteers really impressed Gerocomium and elders. Most elders were with white hair. Some were still vigorous even at the age of 90. Some were lied in bed at the age of 60. The enthusiasm and sincerity of all elders gave all volunteers great impression. They brought comfort desired for all aged. 

"Present rose to others with remaining fragrance at hand.” Volunteers of Hanking brought necessary facilities to Gerocomium. They all gained great spiritual harvest. All volunteers would have deep understanding towards health, family and life. By the chance, we would also be tolerant in life.