Hanking Group “Hanking Center” goes into international bidding.


Hanking Center is located next to headquarters of Tencent in Technology Park of Shennan Road. In recent days, Shenzhen Hanking Group invited international top designing organization for design of Hanking Center, super first grade office building.

As the super first grade office building, Hanking Center has convenient transportation, next to Shennan Road and Technology Park, would be creative landmark building in Shennan Road with height of 320m. Hanking Group hopes Hanking Center could represent the core values of products in designing and combine city characteristics and humanized spirit.

The bidding would be applied in the world. After obtaining prequalification, it would select 5 designing enterprises or consortium for finals. There would be cash reward for first three enterprises. The first prize would be millions of cash. Hanking Group would pay hundred millions in the building. By global bidding, Hanking Group hope to create Hanking Center as the high qualified mast work devoted to the society.

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