Hanking Group Headquarter– Hanking Center Groundbreaking Ceremony & Hanking Center Construction Program, Global Press Conference


Unique Groundbreaking Ceremony & Construction Program Global Press Conference, Creative Pioneers Pay Tribute to City
“Hanking Center Pays Tribute to City” The Hanking Group Headquarter– Hanking Center Groundbreaking Ceremony grandly came off! This was a “Creative Foundation” established by all parties involved. After the Groundbreaking Ceremony, the Hanking Center Construction Program Global Press Conference was held at the InterContinental Shenzhen hotel; Thom Mayne, who had won the first prize of Hanking Center competition was on spot and gave a detailed presentation about the core concept and uniqueness of Hanking Center design program.

More than 500 people from all over 100 social circuits, such as institutions, enterprises and media took part in this conference. The previous Guangdong vice-governor, Mr. Xu Deli came all the way from Guangzhou to Shenzhen gave the congratulating speech to the Hanking Center Groundbreaking ceremony and expressed his confidence to the concept of project design and construction on the basis of respect for the city, and hoped more enterprises could construct more civilized and creative buildings for the city in the development of the project. 

Hanking Center Established the City Skyline with Extreme Creativity from the world-renowned Thom Mayne

The launch of Hanking center would turn on a new page in the architecture circuit with the thought “Consumer First”. In an era when we blindly pursue the construction height and construction scale, and the development norm has been twisted. The pursuit of height seems to be the main stream of architecture development. We have been updated with the highest building constantly and we seem to pay more attention to the height of the buildings rather than the architectural aesthetics and comfort level. In the process of architecture design, Hanking Group adheres to the concept of giving back to the city and respecting our society, and the entry point of urban development and comfort level for the user as the primary standard to establish the public spaces in a artistic way and restore the relationships among the architecture, city and humans, and to establish an aesthetic and creative architecture with the most challenging structure, modern style, and a natural environment. Meanwhile, Hanking center project applies an external core tube to establish fully bright offices, which is a breakthrough for the one-sided lighting that fails to naturally brighten at the whole space. It is believed that this modern and nature-matching architecture will be a gift for the city and the society which represents the Shenzhen creative spirit.

Mr. Thom Mayne Specifies the Essence of Hanking Center Construction Design: The Hanking center project is designed by Mr. Thom Mayne who won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize that is deemed as the Nobel Prize in the architecture. The project applies the external core-tube architecture structure with special difficulties; such structure has huge difficulty in the architecture design and construction, but in return, the users can feel the all-around transparent office and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the close of the nature every minute, which indicates the Hanking center puts humanity first during the design. The entirety of the construction appearance is integrated with the commercial podium building and tower building, which distinguish itself from the traditional commercial squared-box building. Hanking center perfectly interprets the spirit essence of the creative design capital from its appearance, representing Shenzhen’s pioneering design spirit.

Hanking Group – Respect the city, Respect the Idea of “Creative Pioneers of the Real Estate”
Hanking Group determines to be the pioneer and promoter of “Creative Real Estate Development”. Hanking came out with the concept of “Creative Real Estate” first, and produced professional, creative and high-quality products, pursuing competitive products and refuse pure copies; the group leads the industry by chasing the differentiation in products and position the brand value with the prospective vision and as the role of pioneers.


In June of 2012, Hanking center – Hanking Group headquarters, an 80-floors “Global Creative Landmark” will rise by Shennan Boulevard, has sent out invitations for bids to the top design institutions internationally and received 108 bidding applications from home and abroad. On 21st and 22nd of October, 2012, the final 6 institutions gave perfect presentations about their own programs. After careful and professional voting by the review committee, the top 3 programs were selected and finally the main designer Mr. Thom Mayne from Morphosis won the crown. Mr. Thom Mayne, as a pioneer in the architecture circuit, won the 2005 Pritzker Architecture Prize, which is deemed to be the Nobel Prize in the architecture circuit.