My Style My Show Talent Party in the colorful fashion night of 2012, HanKing


On January 26, 2013 with the sunny weather, HanKing Group’s heavily attended annual meeting in the Sheraton Hotel of Zhongshan City gathers hundreds of employees and their families together to enjoy the party in the subject of My Style My Show Talent Party, which requires all participants to make up in kinds of cosplay. The place is wonderfully decorated and prepared for the My Style My Show Talent Party as well as all participants expected to wear most outstanding, creative and trendy costumes as well as all kinds of accessories and become the bright STAR.

Before the opening of the evening party, HanKing Group’s employees and their families take pictures as a memento in front of the display boards for the My Style My Show Talent Party. Actually, some of the family representatives has attended the annual meeting of HanKing Group for several times and already known well the company’s leadership and some senior staff to whom they smile and wish happiness. Even in the following dinner, the president and executive director of the company, Mr. Wu Yuangang and Mr. Haung Jianwen, propose a toast by table and specially extend their thanks to part of family representatives for their supports and dedication to the HanKing’s development.
Fashion talents including stylish man and beauties have definitely seized the opportunity to show themselves on the party. Here we can find our talented colleagues cosplaying the cute animal sweethearts, clown, witch and a guy even put his diving suit on, how impressive!

What a surprise! The Beauty Yang (The favorite imperial concubine of Emperor Tang Xuanzong in ancient) is among a group of west cowboys! Someone must be time traveled.
what a family of Voldemort!

Vice President of HanKing Group Administration, Mrs. Cao Baozhu, entering the meeting place.

Wow! It’s our conductor conducting an opening song in the colorful fashion night of 2012, HanKing.

The hot dance Passionate Samba from etiquette company liven up the atmosphere of the whole audience.

Here come the hosts! One pair is dressed up in red and black who cosplay the stytle of Chinese singer Wang Fei and singer Chen Yixun in the vocal concert, and the other cosplay the petite devil and angel.
Office beauties are competent not only in work, but also in dancing. The opening dance Wing Chun brings the house down.

The well-organized and rehearsed programs from the company’s each department convey the New Year blessing, which is unusually brilliant and wonderful in the lens of the photographer. The programes Love Me And Hug Me and The Voice Of HanKing get rounds of applause from audience.

A vigorous dance ma ma my showing up with glittering costumes impresses the audience deeply.

The medley of traditional opera I Have My Own Tune starts with Tisn Xian Pei attracting people to singing along, which gives rise to the hot scene.Amazing “beauty” in ancient costume! Don’t laugh yourself to death.

Then let’s issue the Award for Excellent Employee in 2012 for their outstanding contributions in their own position.

In the section of employee recognization, we find a lot of yonung people who devote the passion and blood to the development of HanKing Group in the year of 2012. In the following year, they will continue to working hard and creating brighter prospects.

A toast address from the president of HanKing Group brings the party toward a climax, in which President Wu thanks all the employees for their positive dedication to the company in this year and highly appreciate the achievements the leadership of each branch company and all employees have made. Finally President Wu encourages everyone working together and making new progress. Referring to the party, there must be a lottery draw. The lucky lottery is accompanied with surprise. Among various prizes, the picture below shows my favorite prize: BMW and the Owner.

The interactive game between company leadership and staff, and the exciting lottery draw promote the evening party toward the second climax.

The gorgeous theatrical design for the evening party and the creative programes which is from life and the masses fully shows the achievements HanKing Group havs made in the passed year.

The following is the issuing of the Best Costume Awards which is deserved to the colleagues who win this prize on the spot.

Finally, My Style My Show’s HanKing Style performed by the marketing department end the party. It’s the coolest dance in the year of 2012 which is splendid and fashionable with the bright rhythm and dynamic melody. In the dance steps, we are welcoming the new year and appreciating the climax again. Our dancers even attract colleagues to dancing with them, which leaves the sound of singing, applause and hurrah on the evening party. With the beautiful song, the annual meeting is successfully finished in the mood of harmony, warmth and happiness. The annual meeting provides an opportunity for staff to show themselves and discover their acting talent enrichs their cultural life. Relatively, the well-prepared programes from staff are wonderful enough to show the enterprise cultural atmosphere of HanKing Group.