“Earth Hour” Signing Activity of Hanking Group Qingqing Association


On March 22, 2013, in Hanking International Building, Hanking Group Qingqing Association held a public welfare environmental protection signing activity taking "Earth Houras" the theme to advocate “Earth hour, I am a green week person; caring Earth, light off for 1hour”. The group leaders attached high importance to and colleagues greatly supported the activity. With active atmosphere and high enthusiasm on site, the activity greatly attracted people’s eyes and received acclaims.
The activity was held in commuter time on March 22 and March 23 respectively. The activity participants are mainly employees in Hanking International Building. Senior leaders from Hanking Group also took part in the activity.

The activity had three phases: on March 22, “light off for 1 hour, I am a green week person” signing ceremony; on March 23, “light off for 1 hour” activity; on March 25, feedback of light off activity and “Qingqing Association sends green apples” activity.

By fully taking use of lunch rest and duty off in the afternoon, volunteers from Qingqing Association vividly and passionately introduced knowledge about green environmental protection and advocated green environmental protection concept of “Monday: eat more vegetables; Tuesday: environmental protection bag; Wednesday: no car; Thursday: take chopsticks; Friday: no leftovers; Saturday: love animals; Sunday: go outdoors”. It was estimated that 315 people participated in this signing activity.

Through “Earth Hour” activity, people got personal experience of green environmental and had better understanding about the meaning for caring Earth. After activity, many people who are enthusiastic in public welfare hoped to join in our organization. Qingqing Association welcomed the loving power in Hanking International Building. It will make Qingqing Association stronger and the power of love more powerful! 


"Light off"quotations 

Volunteer: Can you turn off light from 20:30 to 21:30 for 1 hour on Saturday? 

Participanta: Yes! I will turn off light the whole day on Saturday!

Volunteer: Can you turn off those unnecessary lighting facilities from 20:30 to 21:30 on Saturday? 

Participant b: Yes! I will turn off all lights on Saturday! 

Volunteer: Can you turn off light from 20:30 to 21:30 for 1 hour on Saturday? 

Participant c: Yes! Usually we do not need to turn on lights since we go to work.

Volunteer: Great! It shows that the design of “Four bright and four light” in Hanking International Building is very environment-friendly!

"I am a green week person" quotations 

Volunteer: Can you not eat meat but eat more vegetables on Monday? 

Participant d: Yes! I will not eat meat on Monday! 

Volunteer: Can you have no leftovers on Friday? 

Participant e: Yes! From now on, I will have no leftovers! 

Volunteer: You can sign your name on the poster. 

Participant f: Oh! Your poster is full of signatures! 

Volunteer: Yeah, we will make a larger poster next time. 

Feelings: “The roses in her hand, the flavor in mine”, while painstakingly striving for and shouting for public-welfare environmental protection, volunteers have received sincere response and happy smile. Indeed, “help others by helping oneself, bring happiness to oneself by taking happiness to others”!