Hanking Youth Association Supports “Love Is on the Road—the First Shenzhen Greenway Hiking Festival”


On the forenoon of April 29, 2013, Volunteers from Youth Association of Hanking walked on plank road along seashore of Shenzhen Bay with a passion of love on their face. Sunshine after raining made sweat become salt crystals that kept glittering near the mouth and were sowed on the 12 kilometers’ coastline with the walk of love.

In fact, volunteers from Youth Association of Hanking were participating in the “Love Is on the Road—the First Shenzhen Greenway Hiking Festival” activity sponsored by Nanfang Metropolis Daily. This was another public service activity Youth Association of Hanking took part in for reconstruction of Ya’an disaster area after raising donations of 153,800 yuan for Ya’an on April 23, 2013 and this time they raised donations for stay-at-home children at Ya’an disaster area by the means of hiking. After more than 2 hours’ hiking, volunteers were awarded with a letter of appreciation of “the First Hiking Festival” by the sponsor for their love of hiking. Although volunteers felt a little bit exhausted, their hearts were as passionate as the red banner!

Youth Association of Hanking has never stopped participating in public welfare activities since its inception. For we know that no matter what kind of public welfare practices lie in persistence and our participation also means a public welfare behavior, a support for love and a dedication for society. Love is on the road without ending.