“Creative Lu FUN”


The 6th Anniversary Ceremony of Hanking Group & Hanking Elite College Founding Banquet ended

On May 26, 2013, The 6th Anniversary Ceremony of Hanking Group & Hanking Elite College Founding Banquet was held on the top floor banquet hall of The Langham, Shenzhen. All leaders, employees and representatives of subsidiaries, 105 people in all, dressed up for this ceremony and banquet.

The “Creative Lu FUN” 6th Anniversary Ceremony of Hanking Group started at 6 pm from the “creative gifts” presented by centers and subsidiaries of the group. On the ceremony, people from the centers and the subsidiaries used their imagination and created 13 handicrafts, which amazed all the participants.

The executive director Huang Jianwen highly praised the innovative spirit of each team of Hanking Group in his opening address, and he emphasized that innovation is the permanent theme of the human society, the driving force for the development of the enterprise, and the necessary qualification for the new talents. Only innovation will bring competitive advantages to the enterprises to survive the changing environment, and help them achieve the sustainable development.

The founding of the learning organization “Hanking Elite College” jointly sponsored by the Marketing Management Center and the Human Resources Center of the group became a climax of the anniversary ceremony. After holding the founding ceremony of Elite College, the president of the group, Mr. Wu Yuangang analyzed the necessity of advocating learning organizations, and he presented that, Hanking is building the top grade office buildings and luxurious houses in the 30 years history of Shenzhen, which is a epoch-making work in the real estate market, and for Hanking people, it is also a big challenge. In order to achieve this goal, our team needs continuous improvement. A team will have tenacious vitality only through constant learning, and solve problems in an effective way only through continuous progress, thus the group has been advocating the founding of a learning team, and encouraging people to actively learn from each other, both internally and externally, to grow up together with the project. The learning advocated by Hanking is not the blind dogmatism or the inflexible imitation, but learning of different forms in order to: broaden vision, think diversely, master the ability of creative thinking, and solve problem from different angles, giving the team great power to create the two landmark projects in Shenzhen.

On this ceremony themed as “Creative Lu FUN”, the “creative gifts” from different centers were full of imaginations and innovations, including the art wine-rack made by wasted materials from the construction site, the handmade “Life is not only work” paper crafts of world famous buildings, and the 3D artwork composed by more than 3000 wood beams… All these gifts are derived from the inspirations of people’s daily life, combining together the creation, work and life. The ceremony ended after the English style banquet. It not only represented the innovative and pioneering spirit of Hanking Group, but also showed the core competitiveness of Hanking in “creation + quality”, and continued its cultural connotation of “Creative Real Estate Pioneer”.