Hanking Youth Association Holds Garden Activities for Charity Families and Children with Thalassemia on Children\'s Day


June is the month filled with sunshine and energy. June 1st (Children's Day) is the festival exclusive to kids. Everybody is a happy angel born in the world. But there is a special group of kids around us. They are the angels with broken wings. They are children with Thalassemia.

On 1 June 2013, Hanking Youth Association sponsored and held, with the assistance of Team of Assisting Disabled Persons of Nanshan Volunteers Association and Shenzhen Safari Park, the activity of visiting Shenzhen Safari Park on Children’s Day with the theme of “caring for children with Thalassemia starts from you and me”.

We had 76 people joining in the activity, who were Hanking charity families, children with Thalassemia and volunteers. Even the kid aged only 2 and volunteer aged 50 participated in the activity. Although the sun was scorching, they always accompanied with those special kids with Thalassemia, chatted with them happily, and brought gifts and wishes to them.

The principal of Team of Assisting Disabled Persons of Nanshan Volunteers Association gave us a vivid and wonderful speech at the beginning of the activity. The organizer of Hanking Youth Association also sent holiday greetings to children, and encouraged them to love life and study, participate actively in physical exercises, and strive for becoming talented person. Kids from Hanking charity families sent children with Thalassemia the gifts they’d prepared. A cheer of “Wow! Wow!” arose from the crowd each time when a family was sending gifts. The gifts we sent included snacks, toys, books etc. Children were so delighted with those gifts and could hardly tear themselves away from it.

It’s time to enjoy the happy moment in Shenzhen Safari Park. Children cut capers and walked hand in hand happily. They watched the performances of land animals, birds, and marine animals. They also had photos taken with elephants and horses. They were very exciting when seeing different animals. Some screamed, some fed the animals, and some imitated the movements of animals. They showed us their strong observational ability, imitative ability, imagination, expression ability and communication ability.

The sky of that afternoon was resounded with the joyful laughter of kids. As the sun set, the activity drew to a successful ending at 6:00pm, with children going home with happiness.

Play is the nature of kids, which can enable them to forget the pain, get away from injectors, and live in naivety and happiness like birdies. That’s the biggest wish of every Hanking volunteer.

We hope to arouse more charity person, charity organizations, and charity enterprises to pay attention to children with Thalassemia via such activities, and prop up a stretch of blue sky for the healthy growth of children with Thalassemia.

Sidelights: to encourage the charity behaviors of Hanking kids, Hanking Youth Association presented charity bears and testimonials in return to reward and recognize such charity behavior. The members of Team of Assisting Disabled Persons of Nanshan Volunteers Association also specially sent “a waist pack exclusive to volunteer for Shenzhen Universiade and a set of souvenir medals” to every kid.

Either those small gifts or the happy park trip brought everybody not only surprises but also positive energy of love and kindness, and enable people to feel the happiness of “the roses in her hand, the flavor in mine.” Let’s protect the childlike innocence which is the purest and kindest, and pass down the heart of charity from generation to generation.