Establish value of real estate man, create a learning base for Hanking people


- Opening Ceremony of Hanking Elites College & Master’s First Lecture

On August 3, 2013, the learning organization under Hanking Group, Hanking Elites College initiated the employment mater’s lecture, full of creative minds, at the headquarters of the group. The famous master of “artistic real estate” in Shenzhen, also the creator of classic artistic property Mangrove West Coast, Mr. Luo Lei was invited to share with Hanking people a journey of seeking dreams with “interests, career and life”, aiming to share with real estate developers how an experienced real estate man made his dreams come true. The lecture was highly appraised by nearly 100 audients, arousing many Hanking people to think over their life, career, core competence and value.(The arrangement of conference)

Establish an international platform, enrich the life of career

Shenzhen Hanking Group, holding the “Pioneer of Creative Real Estate” as its mission, has been insisting on a development concept based on innovation and quality, and after Hanking Mountain, Hanking International and Hanking Queyue, the group is creating a twin project by gathering the global resources: one of which will become a masterpiece in the 30 years history of Shenzhen – Qianhai • Jinghan Mid-levels Mansion, and the other will become the landmark of the creative Shenzhen – Hanking Center, located at Shennan Avenue with a height of 320 meters. While focusing in development of real estate projects, Hanking Group is also enhancing its training to the professional skills of its employees, and paying more attentions to establishment of their common values and creation of their core competence in innovation and quality, as a result, the learning organization Hanking Elites College emerged as the times require. In the speech at the opening ceremony of the college, Ms. Cao Baozhu, the Vice President of Administration of Hanking Group explained the purpose of the college sufficiently and meaningfully: I hope Hanking Elites College will build a platform for our employees to share and grow up, and to create the core competence in “innovation and quality”, in order to broaden the insight and enrich the knowledge of our employees, and establish creative thinking ability and quality reorganization of all employees, so that all Hanking people will have their unique core competitiveness, and integrate them into the future projects of Hanking, to bring creative thoughts everywhere in Shenzhen, the city of creation.
( Ms. Baozhu Cao, the representative of Hanking Elite Academy’s advisory committee, gave a speech on the opening ceremony )

( Mr. Lei Luo in the lecture )

The four training mechanisms of Hanking Elites College involve in all relevant fields of the real estate industry. Hanking Group will invite experts, scholars and institutions from different fields to build a leaning platform together with the prospective insight and the determination of challenging the future. It is reported that the college will invite the international famous master architect, the winner of the Pritzker Prize, Mr. Thom Mayne, and the structural designer who is serving the global high-rises such as Burj Dubai Tower, Mr. Robert Halvorson to Shenzhen to give lectures and to share their wonderful life with us

Creation as blood, quality as soul

In the highly competitive Shenzhen real estate market, it is rare to offer such a high-standard learning platform and institution for the employee, and as a fast developing real estate developer, why Hanking just have this approach to temper its internal ability, and how can it be so focused in establishment of the vision and ability of the employees in creation and quality? The dean of Hanking Elites College, Assistance of President of Hanking Group and Supervisor of Marketing Management Center, gave a sufficient reason and a complete answer:

He said that the board of the directors of Hanking Group agreed that: only a team always learning may have the tenacious vitality, and only a team always improving may solve any problems in an efficient manner, so we have been expecting that Hanking will become a learning team, with all its members longing to learn and explore, to learn from other’s strong points, and grow up together with the whole team. The learning advocated by Hanking is never a blind or imitated one, but to achieve the following purposes through learning of different forms: to create the core competence Hanking people in “creation and quality”, arouse the ambitions of all employees in their work and life, and to broaden insight and enrich their knowledge; to create Hanking’s elites training camp, establish its talent team and cultivate their common values. We hope to transfuse the “creation as blood” to every body in our team, and plant the “quality as soul” into everyone’s mind through providing more learning forms.

( Present for the master ) 

( Mr.Lei Luo and Principles of Hanking Elite Academy )