Loving Care in Mid-Autumn Festival


-Mid-Autumn Loving Care Visit by Members of Green Association of Hanking Group 

On September 18, 2013, the eve of Mid-autumn Festival, representatives of Green Association under Hanking Group visited many families and groups in difficulty and sent them moon-cakes, fruit and mid-autumn blessings from all.

Hanking Green Association was initiated and founded by Green Apple Found under Hanking Group, and it is made up of registered volunteers of Hanking Group to provide voluntary services for the society on a voluntary and free basis. Since it was founded in 2012, Hanking Green Association has been providing public welfare and loving care assistance for communities continuously, the members have been contributing their loving care with their actions and performing their social responsibilities as corporate citizens. 

(Members of Hanking Green Association arrived at the residential quarters where people to be visited lived)

(Members of Hanking Green Association visited Wang Liang and his mother)

On the eve of Mid-autumn Festival, Hanking Green Association, in cooperation with Nanshan voluntary workers of Shenzhen again, visited part of families and persons they had helped before. Some of them suffer from congenital diseases, some meet with disasters, some are old people suffering from diseases or in hospital, some are solitary widows and some are schools for children of peasant workers. Though with their own difficulties, all of them are still optimistic with life.. Members of Hanking Green Association visited these old friends, chatted with them, got to know about their recent conditions, and sent them concerns and warmth of Hanking Group, so that they could spend a good Mid-autumn Festival happily. 

(Members of Hanking Green Association visited family of Engineer Wu)

(Members of Hanking Green Association chatted with Dada, a little friend)

Creating undertakings with great ambition and treating people with sincerity, Hanking Green Association combines public welfare undertaking, corporate love and personal hobby organically, contributes loving care and passes on warmth. In this course, its members gain pleasure and cultivate their morality. With constant growth of Hanking Group, Hanking Green Association will be engaged in public welfare service and social charity of communities continuously as ever, and make life of people better with their practical actions. 

(Members of Hanking Green Association visited a school for children of peasant workers and accepted flowers from the students)

(Members of Hanking Green Association visited Grandpa Huang in hospital)